How It Works

A community interested in bringing the Sidewalk Advocates for Life Sidewalk Advocacy program to their local community will be invited to apply during a 4-week application period that begins eight weeks before each quarter. So, for example, we will be accepting applications during the months of February, May, August and November.

Applications may be filled out at

Once approved, the local community will gain access to tools, training, technology and full-time, ongoing staff support provided by the Sidewalk Advocates for Life National Team in order to successfully set-up and run the program in their local community.

For example — for a first-time application fee of $150 — approved communities will receive the following…

  • a brief training manual (which describes how to set up a local training and sustain that program at a local abortion facility)
  • a training DVD (which teaches interested community members Sidewalk Advocacy)
  • a number of training workbooks (to guide the Sidewalk Advocacy training in the local community)
  • access to materials (flyer templates, bulletin announcements, literature options, legal resources and others) in our Online Program Headquarters
  • access to ongoing training (training primers, examples, etc.) in our Online Training Headquarters
  • a listing under the “Locations” tab of our national website (which includes a drop-down that shares local information so interested community members can find you)
  • regular Q&A calls with our National Team & Program Advisors
  • authorization to use our name, logo and program
  • access to national team members who work for and serve YOU so you can be successful

After the first three months of running the program, a local community may choose to renew their membership with Sidewalk Advocates for Life for either 3 months, 6 months or 1 year for ONLY $12.50/month to continue to receive our training, tools, technology and ongoing support! This includes access to ANY new training materials that we develop in the future (which, truly, we’re always developing!).

This enables a local community to run the program year-round in front of the abortion facility, while building in seasons for the recruitment and training of new Sidewalk Advocates. (Note that the local community always has the option to discontinue their membership, take time off and/or renew sometime in the future.)

Communities that renew their membership will be encouraged to hold a re-training every so often to invite new Sidewalk Advocates into their program. This ensures that local programs have regular opportunities for outreach and growth.

Note that communities that are only attached to a geographic area seasonally — such as a student or university group — may tailor the timeline to work for them. (Contact our team with any questions you may have!)

On the national level, the quarter timeline also sets up seasons, whereby the National Team can evaluate the success of the program and take applications at certain times of the year in order to focus on assistance in Sidewalk Advocacy the rest of the year. This also creates a sense of community because everyone will be “running together.”

More questions? See FAQs or Contact Us!