ANOTHER ABORTION FACILITY: CLOSED! Here’s the amazing story…

Dear Friend of Life:


An abortion facility in Harrisburg, PA — another abortion facility where there has been a Sidewalk Advocates for Life outreach presence — has shut its doors for good!!

This facility had an astonishing 44 pages of health and safety violations, discovered earlier this year.


More details here:

We’d like to thank Becky and her team of Sidewalk Advocates and prayer volunteers under the local ministry, Undefeated Courage, for their perseverance in service of mothers-in-crisis and their preborn children!!

Here’s what Becky, the valiant leader, shared with us…

“Today, we rejoice and are praising God, for He heard our cries from heaven and He answered! Hillcrest Women’s Medical Center, Harrisburg’s long-term abortion facility that has been providing abortions since 1976, has been prayed CLOSED for good! Hallelujah! The folks from Undefeated Courage, which sponsored Sidewalk Advocates for Life-Harrisburg, PA, has held peaceful, prayerful vigil there almost every hour that the center was open since September 15, 2014. Since then, at least 79 women were open to our loving offers of help and support and turned away from abortion. We thank you, SAFL, for your thorough and professional scripture-based training; groups like us are changing the dynamics at abortion facilities all around the world!  Love changes hearts and welcomes LIFE!”

Thank YOU, Becky!!
People often become discouraged when faced with the problem of abortion in their backyard.  In fact, one of the questions we receive most often is whether a peaceful, prayerful outreach presence at the local abortion facility really can make a difference.
But Becky and her team’s prayerful, persevering outreach presence shows that you can not only make a difference, but END ABORTION IN YOUR COMMUNITY through God’s amazing grace!

Friend, we know God doesn’t want to stop here!  Sidewalk Advocates for Lifeis the only organization seeking to cover all uncovered abortion facilities around the nation with peaceful, prayerful sidewalk advocacy — because we know how effective it is!

We’re in the midst of our Fall campaign to raise desperately-needed funds to not only keep this work going, but growing in order to impact more eternal souls and save more lives from abortion.  Will you join us today with a gift of $25, $100, $500, $1,000, $5,000 or more so that we can take this work to the next level?  And because of a $40,000 matching fund challenge from a generous group of donors, everything you give right now is INSTANTLY DOUBLED!  Truly, we don’t survive without generous people like you!

Whatever sacrifice you can make, we are so grateful:

Thank you for rejoicing with us today and keeping this LIFE-SAVING mission going! 

We look forward to sharing more good news very soon!

Blessings in Christ,

Lauren Muzyka
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life