Are YOU Called?

Dear Friend of Life:

I know your time is precious, so I’m going to make this very quick!

Have you ever thought about building a team of Sidewalk Advocates who aretrained to peacefully and effectively reach out at your local abortion facility in order to help save lives and end abortion?  

Whether you‘ve never been on the sidewalk before in front of your local abortion facility …or you‘ve been doing this 30+ years, Sidewalk Advocates for Life would love to be a blessing to YOU and your community, helping you be effective through the power of God’s love and peaceful outreach!

Here’s a quick Facebook video message from our Executive Director, Lauren Muzyka, describing…

1. WHO should apply to run a sidewalk advocacy program

2. WHAT you receive (a quick list of all we offer to participating communities) when approved

3. HOW you get started (our simple 2-step process)

CLICK HERE to go to our Facebook page and watch the TOP, PINNED video from Lauren with the caption, “Apply to bring Sidewalk Advocates for Life to YOUR town or city today! Go to to get started!”

Believe me, it’s worth the handful of minutes to watch this video if this has EVER crossed your mind!

Questions about the program?  Drop us a line at, and we’re happy to be of service!

Praying for your discernment!

In Christ, for Life,

Chantel Poisel
Communications Coordinator
Sidewalk Advocates for Life