BREAKING: Our 3rd birthday — and HUGE plans!

Dear Friend of Life:

I have some BIG NEWS to share with you, but first…

My heart is so full!  Today is our THIRD ANNIVERSARY on the sidewalk!  Thanks be to God for all He’s done the past few years through your prayers and support!

On April 1, 2014, our first wave of locations — 22, to be exact — hit the sidewalk in front of their local abortion or abortion-referral facility, offering loving alternatives to abortion-minded women and men.

As the days passed, I remember thinking how wonderful it would be if we hit “this milestone” or “that milestone” in a certain amount of time.

In short, the Lord blew away our preconceived notions of victory …and blessed us with so much more!

It’s so exciting to now tell you that  in just 36 months  we are celebrating…

  • 106 LIFE-SAVING locations — besides the U.S., that includes locations in Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia, Guatemala, Ireland, Romania, Cameroon, Nigeria, Fiji, and Vanuatu  …and growing!
  • 1,660 babies saved — including several sets of twins!  On average, we see 1-2 precious preborn children saved every day!
  • 230 turnaways — those who took us up on the free pregnancy test or sonogram at the local pregnancy center (without knowing whether or not they were pregnant)
  • 454 hopefuls — those who left “to think about it,” armed with life-saving literature and a referral to the local pregnancy center; we continue to pray that they choose life!  (Indeed, we have confirmed that some of these “hopefuls” have become saves!)
  • 43 abortion workers who have left due to the witness of the Sidewalk Advocates with a referral to And Then There Were None abortion worker ministry
  • Thousands upon thousands of dollars redirected away from the abortion industry as our Sidewalk Advocates have offered a more life-affirming, low or no cost healthcare alternative to every client possible
  • 5 abortion facility closures while we continue to receive reports of long-time abortion facilities cutting their hours or teetering on the edge of closure!

What God has done in the past three years is nothing short of amazing to Him be the glory!

We also give our thanks to YOU, our dear partners in this great mission — those who have volunteered on the sidewalks to reach out to women-in-crisis with love and hope, and those of you who have supported this ministry with your prayers, time, and treasure!

You’ve made a profound, life-saving difference!  We look forward to seeing what He will do through YOU next!

And speaking of “what’s next”…

The other night on our webcast, we made a HUGE announcement about what’s next in our organization …and I want to share that EXCITING NEWS with you right now.

In short, in the months to come, we are going to be working hard to coverevery uncovered abortion facility in the United States with peaceful, loving Sidewalk Advocates.  We have a list of every abortion facility in the country, and we now have an idea of which ones don’t have a peaceful, prayerful outreach presence of some sort.  It’s our goal to travel to that area, meet with pro-life contacts on the ground, and get a sidewalk advocacy program started so we can help save more lives from abortion than ever before!

Knowing that former abortion providers have told us that peaceful, prayerful sidewalk counseling (or “sidewalk advocacy” as we call it) was the activity that most devastated their business, we knew that if we wanted abortion to end, this needed to be our ultimate goal: No uncovered abortion facility in the United States and beyond.

Make no mistake: This is HUGE …and it’s going to rock the abortion industry.

Friend, will you partner with us to see this huge, life-saving plan come together?  In celebration of our 3rd anniversary, would you make at least a $30 gift — just $10 for each year we’ve been on the sidewalk, working to save lives? (Because of our matching fund challenge through Tuesday, April 11, your gift will instantly double to $60!)

Here’s the link to our secure, online giving site where you can make a LIFE-SAVING gift of support:

From the bottom of my heart — on behalf of our Board of Directors, National Team, leaders and Sidewalk Advocates — thank you for all you’ve done to make these victories the past few years possible, saying “YES” to the call the Lord has placed on your heart to “speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves”!

We love and appreciate YOU!

In Christ, for Life,

Lauren Muzyka
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life

P.S. — Spread the word!  We’re going to be working to cover EVERY UNCOVERED ABORTION facility in the country with peaceful, loving Sidewalk Advocates every hour of business!  In support of this plan and in celebration of our 3rd anniversary today, would you make at least a $30 gift  just $10 for each year we’ve been on the sidewalk, working to save lives? (And because of our matching fund challenge, your gift will instantly double to $60!)  THANK YOU for your consideration and support!

DEVOTIONAL (March 22 – April 9, 2017): “Overjoyed”

by Lauren Muzyka, Executive Director, Sidewalk Advocates for Life

Verses: “Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice!” — Philippians 4:4

“But let all who take refuge in You be glad, Let them ever sing for joy; And may You shelter them, That those who love Your name may exult in You.” — Psalm 5:11

“Jesus replied: ‘A certain man was preparing a great banquet and invited many guests.  At the time of the banquet he sent his servant to tell those who had been invited, ‘Come, for everything is now ready…’” — Luke 14:16-17

Reflection: Here we are, three years after our beginnings on the sidewalk: Giving God praise for a multitude of victories after a group of people took a leap of faith and launched Sidewalk Advocates for Life!

When the idea of SAFL was put on our hearts, we had no idea what this leap of faith might bring — but that’s the fun part with God!  He tugs …and we respond, many times, without any preview of what that leap might bring.

And yet, here we are a few years later, rewarded and rejoicing in almost 1,700 precious babies saved, 43 workers who have left the business, 5 facility closures by God’s amazing grace — along with so many other amazing blessings!

Psalm 5:11 and Luke 14:16-17 tells us, in essence, that we who rejoice in Him — in his ultimate victory over sin and death — should take that JOY, exult and trust in Him, and run to follow wherever He leads so we may partake of the many blessings He wants to give us.  He always has good things in store!

How many times have we been invited to the feast and missed out because we were afraid or refused to say YES?  And yet, we know that God will never invite us somewhere where he cannot transform, bless, and bring victory.

There is more work to do: More soil to till, more harvest to reap!  Together, let’s move forward in faith, expectantly waiting to see what other blessings God wants to bring us through this ministry!

Call to Action: As a part of our family and community of faith, please join us in a prayer of thanksgiving for all He’s done.  Our grateful heart opens us to new, amazing blessings in the future!

Then, please consider a gift of $30 to the life-saving ministry of Sidewalk Advocates for Life to help this work continue — just $10 every year we’ve been on the sidewalk!  (And it will double due to our matching fund challenge!)

You can make a financial gift of any amount at the secure giving link HERE:

THANK YOU for being on this exciting, life-saving journey with us!