Make Unborn Babies Great Again! Our BRAND NEW online store is OPEN!

Dear Friend of Life:

It is with great excitement that we announce the opening of our BRAND NEW ONLINE STORE, featuring Sidewalk Advocate for Life and Make Unborn Babies Great Again (#MUBGA) pro-life apparel, signage, and more! 

We couldn’t be more excited!

But first, we wanted to share with you how the creative slogan, Make Unborn Babies Great Again, came to be…


It all started at the March for Life 2017 in Washington D.C….

We at Sidewalk Advocates for Life were joking around, and suddenly, the slogan, “Make Unborn Babies Great Again!” hit us!  While our ministry is strictly non-partisan, of course, we knew it was a keen play off of a presidential campaign slogan that would generate a lot of attention for the pro-life cause.

Sure enough, even just writing the slogan on the back of other signs, people from all over the place were coming up to us at the March, asking to take their picture with the signs.

We knew we were onto something!

Lauren and Bethany at the March for Life 2017

Fast forward to 2018…

We knew it was time to test the slogan further by putting it on a professional sign forMarch for Life 2018!

In short, it went viral!  We only made 150 of them, and yet, the signs showed up in The Washington PostBreitbartThe Daily Signal, and more! We started to get a flood of inquiries regarding how to purchase the sign or related apparel!

After the March for Life, we knew it was time to make this line of apparel as a way to further spread the message of life, knowing it would also be a way to spread news of sidewalk advocacy and what the Lord is doing to save lives on sidewalks outside of abortion centers, peacefully and prayerfully.

Above: Members of the SAFL National Team at March for Life 2018

Above: Front cover picture, Breitbart NewsMarch for Life 2018

As of this morning, you can now GET THE GEAR and JOIN THE MOVEMENT to “Make Unborn Babies Great Again!”  along with our best-selling Sidewalk Advocates for Life logo apparel  and support our life-saving ministry!


You’ll be able to purchase…

  • The exclusive #MUBGA tee
  • The exclusive #MUBGA hats — red and navy
  • The exclusive #MUGBA yard signs (which also double as marching / rally signs)
  • Sidewalk Advocates for Life logo tees — light blue, royal blue, navy, and irish green
  • Sidewalk Advocates for Life logo crewneck sweatshirts — royal blue and irish green
  • Sidewalk Advocates for Life logo hoodies — royal blue
  • Sidewalk Advocates for Life logo caps — khaki and navy
  • Our best-selling item at March for Life 2018: the Love Saves Lives tee!

Be among the first to sport the gear!  Be a witness and easily start a pro-life conversation with family, friends …and even strangers!  

***NOTE: We do expect the #MUBGA gear to SELL OUT in the early days of our store opening!  Order yours today — before it’s on backorder — at!

Also, we invite you to email us at with a picture of yourself holding a #MUBGA sign or in a #MUBGA t-shirt or hat, and you might see it posted in social media!

Thanks for having some fun with us — but most importantly, we hope it brings greater attention to the cause or encourages someone to get involved in the greatest human rights movement in the history of the world!

In Christ, for Life,

Bethany Mistretta
National Program Manager
Sidewalk Advocates for Life

Socialized Medicine, the Spiritual Battle …and YOU

Dear Friend of Life:

It’s never a dull moment in the battle to save lives and end abortion.

Even though it’s not directly related to sidewalk advocacy, I was reminded, yet again, of the spiritual battle — as we all seek to build a culture of life — while reflecting this morning on the story of Alfie Evans.

As you may know, Alfie was a 23-month old baby in the UK with a rare degenerative neurological condition who was denied the opportunity by Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and the socialist healthcare system in Britain — over the cries of his parents — to be flown to Rome, Italy, to receive proper medical care and experimental treatment.

Instead, the hospital held him hostage, removed life-support without his parents’ consent, and waited over 28 hours after yanking life-support to feed him.

As his father said after they finally started feeding his son, “…It’s disgusting how he’s being treated.  Not even an animal would be treated like this.  He’s proving them wrong.  It’s time to give him some grace and dignity and let him go home or to Italy.”

Despite being granted Italian citizenship and the opportunity to live longer or witness a miracle in his condition through Italy’s help, Alfie passed away nine days ago, five days after Alder Hey pulled life-support.  Ultimately, Alfie and his parents received victory as Alfie entered into eternal life with Christ.

Still, I remember being so angry as this story was developing… How could this happen?  How could parents be stripped of their God-given right to protect their son and do everything possible to give him a chance to experience a miracle — and one that may have been literally waiting for him in Italy?

As my friend, Kristan Hawkins of Students for Life of America said, “And here is the fatal flaw of socialized medicine; someone else, other than the patient or the family, determines when a life no longer has value. A bureaucrat or a judge determines who gets to live and who gets to die. We have enough recorded history to know that letting a small group people determine which lives have value and which do not is a standard we want to avoid.” (Read more here:

Michael Tanner, writing for the Cato Institute, reflected, “Europeans are now learning some hard facts of life about socialized medicine: there’s no such thing as a free lunch. The question is whether Congress will learn from Europe’s mistakes as it takes the next steps in reforming the American health care system.”

We in America are called to learn from this situation.  It was a reminder to me, personally, to continue pray and stay on our toes — or we could see another Alfie situation develop soon, clothed in false compassion.

I was also reminded that this disrespect for human life  again, clothed in false compassion for a mother-in-crisis  reflected the spiritual battle we see every day on the sidewalk, and that’s why I posted this on social media and reminded everyone to remember to pray for our Sidewalk Advocates on the front lines each and every day…

At times, our National Team and Sidewalk Advocates witness division in the pro-life movement, health scares, persecution from passersby or local police, pro-abortion protesters and escorts who try to interfere with outreach, and more.  While we celebrate the 4,000 babies saved in this ministry thus far, we’re often reminded that we are in a true battle for lives and souls, and someone doesn’t like what we’re doing— and there’s nothing more he would love than to discourage us or get us to quit!

This is why we provide full-time staff support to our 147 locations around the globe  because without spiritual, strategic, and legal support, the best of pro-life advocates might be tempted to give up.  Recently, Susan and Nate on our National Team visited two locations that were dealing with very difficult abortion center escorts; these escorts kept trying to get between Sidewalk Advocates and clients, steal their literature, or yell at clients not to stop and take information.  Thankfully, Susan and Nate, leaning on the power of prayer, were able to give Sidewalk Advocates effective tips to still reach abortion-minded clients!

Through your prayers and support, we’re able to persevere through the difficult times on the sidewalk and troubleshoot the inevitable challenges that come up so that we can witness victory.  When you read this, will you join us in prayer for our people on the front lines and for an end to abortion?  And please know you are in our prayers, as well!

Thank you, dear friends — we appreciate your prayers and support more than you know!

In Christ, for Life,

Lauren Muzyka
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life

P.S. – By the way, INCREDIBLE NEWS!  We made goal in our Spring Matching Fund Campaign last week, praise God!  We cannot thank you enough for your sacrifice, dear friends, and for allowing us to update you via social media and email as we worked hard to ensure that we had the resources to continue this mission strong.  We are now able to move full steam ahead on all the life-saving plans we announced at the beginning of the campaign!  To God be the Glory!  Thank you for being part of our family and team we appreciate you!

ANNOUNCEMENT: YOU can help END ABORTION in your community!

Dear Friend of Life:

People sometimes become discouraged when faced with the problem of abortion in their own community.  It can feel like a real David and Goliath battle.

One of the most popular questions we receive is if a peaceful, prayerful outreach presence at an abortion facility can really make a difference.

Well… not only can it make a difference, but as we’ve witnessed repeatedly: by the grace of God, it can END ABORTION IN YOUR COMMUNITY!

Watch this inspiring video of how Chris, a dad and local businessman, helped shut down an abortion facility in his community:

Want to help save lives and close your local abortion facility? 

Knowing how busy you are, we developed a simple, time-tested, research-proven sidewalk advocacy training program  along with tools and support  so you can be as effective as possible in reaching out to abortion-minded women and men through God’s amazing grace!  (Yes, we were created for busy people who want to make a difference!)

It only takes two easy steps to get started…

1. Fill out our 5-minute application (where you pledge to be peaceful, prayerful and law-abiding while running the program in your community) at

2. Agree to a short phone conversation so we can answer your questions!


Once approved, we ship you everything you need to quickly build a team of Sidewalk Advocates.  Then, we walk with you, answering your questions and troubleshooting challenges as you grow!

And here’s the best part: You can go at the pace that’s most comfortable for YOU and your busy life!

Applications to bring Sidewalk Advocates for Life to your community this summer are NOW OPEN through the month of May at!

Still have questions?  No problem!

Our advice is to FIRST start with prayer: Am I called to bring sidewalk advocacy to our community?  Keep in mind that we have folks join us who have never been on the sidewalk all the way up to those who have been on the sidewalk for 30+ years!  (So many love the blessing of knowing that everything — the training, tools and support — is all ready when you are!)  Wherever you are in this journey, we’d love to be a blessing to you and your community!

SECOND, wherever you find yourself, we encourage you to gather more information.  Feel free to learn more at!  (And be sure to read our FAQs, too!)

Remember: All it takes is ONE YES to completely change the efforts for LIFE in a town or city!

Again, here’s the link to get started:

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please drop us a line, and we’d love to be of service!

Praying for your discernment!

Blessings in Christ,

Lauren Muzyka
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life

P.S. —  SO EXCITING!  Applications to bring Sidewalk Advocates for Life to your community this summer are NOW OPEN through May at!


Dear Friend of Life:

It’s YOUR LAST CHANCE to make a gift in our Spring Financial Campaign …and see it INSTANTLY DOUBLED!

Deadline is tomorrowTuesday night, at 11:59 pm CST, and we are exactly $18,988 short of goal.  If we fall short, that’s actually like losing $38,000 in desperately-needed funds for our life-saving ministry.

If you believe in the mission of Sidewalk Advocates for Life, there is never a time when we’ve needed your help the most.  By making a gift right now, you are not only taking one of the rare opportunities to double your life-saving impact, but you’re ensuring our ministry isn’t forced to cut or delay something in our life-saving program.

Click here to make a tax-deductible gift of any amount:

Thanks to your support thus far, we’ve witnessed almost 4,000 babies saved, 50 abortion workers who have left the business, and 11 facility closures among other amazing victories for LIFE!

Can you imagine what the future holds if we have the resources to expand this great work and help more mothers-in-crisis and preborn children around the globe?

Again, here’s the direct link to make a gift of support:

Will you pause with me right now and pray that we make goal?  

Thank you for joining us in prayer and support today!  We appreciate you!

In Christ, for Life,

Lauren Muzyka
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life


Dear Friend of Life:

Last night’s ENDING ABORTION Through the Power of Love webcast event was an amazing time of pro-life celebration and encouragement for the hundreds of participants with us!

Here’s some of the feedback…

“Amazing webcast tonight!”

“I learned a lot!  Great job everyone!”

“The presenters were so amazing!”


On the one-hour recording, you’ll hear about…

  • THE GROUNDBREAKING RESEARCH STUDY that is helping pro-life advocates better reach abortion-minded women on and off the sidewalk…
  • A NEW, CUTTING-EDGE STRATEGY at abortion facilities with little to no sidewalk access that is stopping more cars and WINNING MORE LIFE-SAVING CONVERSATIONS than ever before…
  • THREE HUGE ANNOUNCEMENTS that will share groundbreaking, strategic plans to HELP SAVE MORE LIVES
  • And HOW YOU CAN BE A PART OF ENDING ABORTION right in your town or city!

You’ll also hear the exciting announcement about a $71,000 matching fund challenge, gifted to us by a wonderful group of pro-life advocates, to help us raise desperately-needed funds in the next few weeks as we launch these new projects to HELP END ABORTION!  (The deadline to contribute to the matching fund and see your gift instantly doubled is Tuesday, April 24!)

We want to encourage YOU and others to join us in taking this critical work to the next level  — with the opportunity to DOUBLE your life-saving gift!

As you know, we only ask for support when we really need help — and we certainly don’t want to leave any of this incredible generosity sitting on the table!

If God is moving your heart to make a special or monthly, tax-deductible gift of support — with the opportunity to double it instantly! — go now

We are very grateful that God has provided these amazing opportunities to multiply His LIFE-SAVING work as we seek to END ABORTION through the power of His love at abortion facilities all over our great nation and beyond!

Thank you for your support at this crucial time in history!

Blessings in Christ,

Lauren Muzyka
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life

P.S.  Again, we cannot believe it: We were just gifted a $71,000 matching fund by a wonderful group of pro-life advocates to help us raise desperately-needed funds in the next few weeks as we launch these new projects to HELP SAVE MORE LIVES  SO ANY GIFT YOU MAKE RIGHT NOW ISINSTANTLY DOUBLED!

Make a LIFE-SAVING gift at: …thank you so much for your support!!


Dear Friend of Life:


This Thursday night, you’re invited to join the pro-life movement for an EXCITING, ONE-TIME, ONE-HOUR pro-life webcast event, ENDING ABORTION Through the Power of Love!

Former abortion workers have told us that this is an event the abortion industry does not want you to hear because it’s chock full of strategies that are sending them into a TAILSPIN!


During the event, you will learn…

  • THE $2.5 MILLION DOLLAR, 2-DECADE RESEARCH STUDY that is helping pro-life advocates better reach abortion-minded women on the sidewalk…
  • A NEW, CUTTING-EDGE STRATEGY at abortion facilities with little to no sidewalk access that is stopping more cars and WINNING MORE LIFE-SAVING CONVERSATIONS than ever before…
  • THREE HUGE ANNOUNCEMENTS that will share groundbreaking, strategic plans to HELP SAVE MORE LIVES
  • And HOW YOU CAN BE A PART OF ENDING ABORTION right in your town or city!

The event is filling up  don’t miss your opportunity to hear from leaders across the movement on these NEW, CUTTING-EDGE, LIFE-SAVING strategies! 


(***NOTE: Even if you cannot make it at event time, we encourage you to register so that a recording is delivered to your inbox within 24 hours of the event.)

We look forward to talking with you this Thursday night!

Blessings in Christ,

Lauren Muzyka
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life


Dear Friend of Life:


And today also happens to be our 4th ANNIVERSARY on the sidewalk!

Yes, on April 1, 2014, our first wave of locations — 22, to be exact — hit the sidewalk in front of their local abortion or abortion-referral facility, offering loving alternatives to abortion-minded women and men.

Now, it’s so exciting to share that we are celebrating…

Thanks be to God for all He’s done the past few years!!

We also give our thanks to YOU, our dear partners in this great mission — those who have volunteered on the sidewalks to reach out to women-in-crisis with love and hope, and those of you who have supported this ministry, sacrificially, with your prayers and treasure!

As we look towards the future with the promise of many more lives saved, we invite you to join us on a FREE, ONE-TIME, ONE-HOUR EVENT, ENDING ABORTION Through the Power of LoveTHIS Thursday evening, April 5  but spots are limited so we encourage you to grab yours now before the big announcement on social media tomorrow:

You have made a profound, life-saving difference!  We look forward to seeing what He will do through YOU next!

From the bottom of my heart — on behalf of our Board of Directors, National Team, leaders and Sidewalk Advocates — thank you for all you’ve done to partner with us, saying “YES” to the call the Lord has placed on your heart to “speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves”!

We love and appreciate YOU!

In Christ, for Life,

Lauren Muzyka
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life

P.S. – DON’T FORGET!  YOU’RE INVITED to join us on a FREE, ONE-TIME, ONE-HOUR EVENT, ENDING ABORTION Through the Power of LoveTHIS Thursday evening, April 5, with THREE HUGE ANNOUNCEMENTS that night  grab your spot now before the big announcement on social media tomorrow:  Talk with you soon!

DEVOTIONAL (March 11 – April 1, 2018): “Overjoyed”

by Lauren Muzyka, Executive Director, Sidewalk Advocates for Life


“When they looked up,
they saw that the stone had been rolled back;
it was very large.
On entering the tomb they saw a young man
sitting on the right side, clothed in a white robe,
and they were utterly amazed.
He said to them, ‘Do not be amazed!
You seek Jesus of Nazareth, the crucified.
He has been raised; he is not here.
Behold the place where they laid him.
But go and tell his disciples and Peter,
‘He is going before you to Galilee;
there you will see him, as he told you.””

— Mark 16: 4-7

Reflection: When the idea of Sidewalk Advocates for Life was put on our hearts, we had no idea what this leap of faith might bring — but that’s the fun part with God!  He tugs …and we respond, many times, without any preview of what to expect.

And yet, here we are, rejoicing in almost 4,000 precious babies saved, along with so many other amazing blessings!

Our Lord tells us that we who rejoice in Him — in his ultimate victory over sin and death — should take that JOY, exult and trust in Him, and run to follow wherever He leads so we may partake of the many blessings He wants to give us.  He always has good things in store!

How many times have we been invited to the feast and missed out because we were afraid or refused to say YES?  And yet, we know that God will never invite us somewhere where he cannot transform, bless, and bring victory.

There is more work to do: More soil to till, more harvest to reap!  Together, let’s move forward in faith, expectantly waiting to see what other blessings God wants to bring us!

Call to Action: As a part of our family and community of faith, please join us in a prayer of thanksgiving for all He’s done.  A grateful heart opens us to new, amazing blessings in the future!

Then, please consider joining us on our next big webcast event this Thursday night, ENDING ABORTION Through the Power of Love, where you can learn how to keep the life-saving moment going!


THANK YOU for being on this exciting, life-saving journey with us!

Are you a WOMAN? You gotta check this out…

Dear Friend of Life:

Are you a WOMAN?  You don’t wanna miss this! We’re super honored to be a presenter at the 3rd Annual Pro-Life Women’s Conference in St. Louis this summer!  Sidewalk Advocates for Life will be doing a panel discussion in the main room on sidewalk advocacy + a breakout session on effective, pro-life messaging!

In summary, The Pro-Life Women’s Conference will bring a thousand women of all backgrounds to St. Louis, June 22-24, 2018, for a weekend of workshops, strategy sessions, inspiring forums, and networking to build on the momentum we have obtained over the past few years.  This is not your average pro-life conference: Our hope is to reclaim the narrative and let the world know that pro-life IS pro-love!  The speakers are confirmed, their bios are up, and topics for their workshops are solidified.  Check it out!

We don’t want to be a resounding gong or a clanging symbol. We don’t want the movement of knitted-kitty hats and vulgar displays of radical feminism to be the representation of who women in America really are. We are powerful, smart, and confident — but we are also pro-love, pro-woman, AND pro-life!

The early bird registration of $149 is still open until April 30. This price is well-below the average for a 3-day conference.  And BONUS: three meals and two snacks are provided and included with your registration!  SCORE!  Not to mention the incredible line up of speakers and organizations represented from across the nation. The events team has listed the hotel accommodations on the site as well.

Rooms go quickly, so book yours now!

Join us as we proclaim this truth: pro-life IS pro-love!

Hope to see you in St. Louis in a few months!

In Christ, for Life,

Lauren Muzyka
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life

PICTURES: FIVE Precious Babies – including TWINS – SAVED from Abortion!

Dear Friend of Life:

Sidewalk Advocates in over 147 locations across our country and world sacrifice countless hours standing on the sidewalk in front of abortion facilities each week, offering hope and help to women-in-crisis through the power of love and peaceful outreach.  Blistering hot sun or an avalanche of snow, they pray to reach as many hearts as possible.

Sometimes, it’s not easy.  Some locations deal with folks who mock them, shout at them, and try to prevent them from speaking to the women entering the abortion facility.  Despite any challenges they may face, our Sidewalk Advocates persevere for love of their preborn brothers and sisters — children they may never meet (though, sometimes, they do!).

The question they are most frequently asked?  Is it worth it?

Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? 

To see this precious baby, saved from abortion: YES, it is worth it!

And for Baby Israel (pictured below on left with mom on right), saved from abortion: YES, it is worth it!

And for Baby Madisyn (pictured below), saved from abortion: YES, it is worth it!

Most of the time, sidewalk advocacy is done on the sidewalk, then there are times it’s done virtually!  After seeing a Facebook post from a young, pregnant mom with twins asking for help, Tricia used her sidewalk advocacy skills to get her connected with the local resources!

EXCITEMENT: The twins were born February 1!  Tricia, one of our Sidewalk Advocates, shares the account below…

“So many of you have been following the story of my brave, new friend who — despite abuse from the father, abandonment from some family, homelessness and high pressures to abort — chose life for her precious twins. They were born yesterday at 1:52 pm.  Mom and babies couldn’t be better.

Many have you have done amazing things to help her.  Her situation now is that she has her own home, she is done with dad and he is in jail for a long time, she is in regular contact with her local pregnancy center which will help for at least 2 years, she takes parenting classes and has a support system for her own well being, her family members who tried to force abortion on her have softened hearts and are loving on her babies now, strangers (many of you) have helped her with baby supplies, she has been put in touch with resources and is learning to navigate them until she can work full time again, [and] her blanket business is making a little money for her (some of you have bought blankets).

This mommy is EMPOWERED, and she wants you to know that she is so grateful for your prayers, letters of encouragement, and for those who helped with material things.  I can’t wait to see what great things they will do.  For now she is just enjoying these little faces.  Hope you do, too!!!  Brantley, 4.13, boy on the left and Oakley, 3.14, girl on the right.  A little small but they are eating well…”

So yes, every challenge, every moment spent on the sidewalk is worth it —if it can save the life of even one of these precious babies, made in the image and likeness of God.  

Either way, we know that no time on the sidewalk is wasted: God is using us in ways unseen, at times, to plant seeds in the hearts of those at the abortion facility or those passing by.  Sometimes we witness those seeds blossom to evident victories on the sidewalk, and sometimes we look forward to the full realization of that impact once we are with Him.

Know that your prayers, financial support, and presence are making a profound difference!

Want to join us on the sidewalk?  Here are two great options…

1. Find a current Sidewalk Advocates for Life location near you (to get trained) at

2. Feel called to bring SAFL’s peaceful, prayerful sidewalk advocacy program to YOUR local community this spring?  Applications are open until 11:59 pm CST TONIGHT!

Every one of us has a role to play in ending abortion — whether we are a donor, trained Sidewalk Advocate (or peaceful sidewalk counselor), or prayer volunteer.  Thank you for saying “YES” to the call the Lord has placed on your heart and for the role you play in saving these precious children!

In Christ, for Life,

Bethany Mistretta
National Program Manager
Sidewalk Advocates for Life

DEVOTIONAL (February 25 – March 10): “Lack of Faith?”

by Jeff Reedy, Shipping Coordinator, Sidewalk Advocates for Life

Verse: Jesus could not perform very many miracles there, except to lay hands on a few people and heal them. He was amazed at their lack of faith. – Mark 6:5-6

Reflection: That’s not the way we want to amaze Jesus, right?

How often is He wanting to perform miracles in our lives or in our communities, but our lack of faith leaves Him unable to do much, amazed at how little we believe. Would it not be better for us to amaze Him as did the centurion, with his great faith? 

God can do a great deal or not very much in our lives, depending on how much faith we put in Him.  And it only takes a mustard seed to go a long way.

Faith Challenge: Let’s ask God how we can get out of the way, allow Him to work more freely in our lives, and how He can help our faith grow in the process.

NEW VIDEO: Abortion workers, post-abortive mothers, and attorneys talk to the movement

Dear Friends:

We wanted to share with you a BRAND NEW video that we just posted via social media:

Here is the caption with the video, just to share a bit more of our heart…

“One of our greatest joys has been learning from former abortion workers who are now on our side of the fence: What won them over. What often swayed the hundreds or thousands of women they counseled to or away from an abortion decision.Simultaneously, we’ve benefited the counsel of pro-life attorneys who are experts in First Amendment rights or risk management as they’ve helped us guard and protect the sacred ministry on the sidewalk that has been entrusted to us and so many others.

After all, the enemy is smart and strategic; in turn, with prayer, we must use the best resources available to help save as many lives and eternal souls as possible.

In that spirit, out of great love and concern for pro-life ministry nationwide, we wanted to caution the pro-life community that a group is trying to recruit folks to break the law and enter abortion facilities. While the group might be well-meaning, modern-day, this approach is harmful to sidewalk ministry for many reasons; here are some of the greatest concerns:

(1) Such acts could lead to buffer zones throughout a city or state, wiping out peaceful prayer and sidewalk outreach right in front of abortion facilities, activities that are witnessing thousands upon thousands of lives saved each year. In our ministry alone, we count 14 sites now at risk for a buffer zone, even though they were not involved with these incidents;

(2) Pro-life individuals who don’t know any better risk going to federal prison after one offense or putting their life-saving organization or ministry at risk for being sued out of existence; and

(3) Research and testimony show it can greatly scare the abortion-minded women and workers we are trying to reach, leading to a deleterious effect on lives saved. Also, within a few minutes of a law-breaking event, the vast majority of abortion facilities are trained to go on lockdown and quickly pull women and companions to a back room, cutting off access and further opportunities for her to change her mind and receive our help — especially as the individual is then taken to jail.

To help explain what’s at stake in the battle for life, we interviewed three attorneys as well as four former abortion workers, three of whom have experienced abortion personally.

We invite you to take 20 minutes to watch this video so we can all work together to protect peaceful prayer vigils and sidewalk outreach. Thank you!”

Thanks so much for checking it out, and know we appreciate you!

In Christ,

Bethany Mistretta
National Program Manager
Sidewalk Advocates for Life