BREAKING: Abortion Worker #55 Leaves the Business!!!!

Dear Friend of Life:

I couldn’t wait to share this INCREDIBLE NEWS with you!

Abortion worker #55 has just left the business at a Southeast abortion facility with the help and witness of local Sidewalk Advocates  to God be the Glory!!

This was a site that was recently visited by two of our National Team members, as well.  In fact, Bethany on our team — as she shared the news with the rest of us after talking to Sidewalk Advocates on the ground — said…

“…she didn’t go into work today, and she’s not going back, and has been in touch with And Then There Were None (abortion worker ministry). …she was the worker who pulled in crying …and I offered the flower to her.  Had a great talk with her and then invited (our local leader) over to chat.  Please continue to pray for her!”

Love has won yet another worker over to Christ!  In fact, And Then There Were Noneabortion worker ministry tells us that over 60% of the workers coming to them for help and healing got information from a Sidewalk Advocate!

Friend, what God is doing is nothing short of amazingNot only have 5,300 babies been saved from abortion, but we’ve had the privilege of helping 55 eternal souls leave the abortion business and find Christ.  What a monumental victory!!

But we don’t want to stop here!  Friend, we are the only organization around the globe working to put peaceful advocates in front of every abortion facility in the U.S. and beyond…

Right now, we’re in the midst of our year-end financial campaign, there’s 5 DAYS TO GO, and we’re about $30,000 short …and in danger of losing our matching fund from a generous group of donors that we desperately need.

If we don’t make goal, something will have to be cut from our life-saving program.
Can you help with an emergency gift of $25, $100, $500, $1,000, $5,000 or more to get us closer to the finish line? 

Here’s the direct link to make a tax-deductible gift of support:

Thank you so much ahead of time for your partnership in this great mission — we appreciate your support so much!

Blessings in Christ,

Lauren Muzyka
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life

Thank you for signing the VOTE PRO-LIFE pledge! Post-midterm update…

Dear Friend of Life:

Thank you for taking the “Vote Pro-Life Pledge” ahead of the midterm elections!  We were pleased to join together to let political candidates know that LIFE was the most important issue on the ballot for us all — that we always remember our preborn brothers and sisters as we enter the voting booth!

In short, LIFE WON in so many ways this past Tuesday night!  Here’s a quick analysis from our friends at SBA List regarding the results of the midterm elections for LIFE:

We will continue spreading the word of this initiative over the next couple of years as we head towards the 2020 election season!  Feel free to share with your friends, family, and pro-life neighbors, and we’ll continue to keep you updated!

Questions?  Drop us a line back!

THANK YOU for your partnership in this great cause for LIFE!

Blessings in Christ,

Lauren Muzyka
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life

Are you voting PRO-LIFE FIRST in the midterms?

Dear Friend of Life:

Knowing that we’ve lost over 60 million children to abortion since 1973, we’re sure we can agree that there’s no more important cause than defending LIFE.

As we approach the midterm elections, we want political candidates to know how serious we are in our commitment to the cause and that we will choose to support the most viable, pro-life candidate possible EVERY TIME we enter the voting booth.

Take the “Vote Pro-Life Pledge”  it takes just ONE MINUTE to sign!  (This petition will be delivered to all candidates running for U.S. Senate, U.S. House, and state gubernatorial races on Friday.)

***NOTE: We do not tolerate spam, and your info will be held in the highest confidence and delivered in a professional medium to candidates running for U.S. Senate, U.S. House, and state gubernatorial races.

Please help us spread the word by forwarding this email to all your pro-life family, friends, and neighbors!

Questions?  Drop us a line back!


Blessings in Christ,

Lauren Muzyka
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life

BE A CLOSER: Shutting Down Abortion Facilities through the Power of Prayer and Outreach

Dear Friend of Life:

An Abortion-Referral Facility… what is it?

This is a Planned Parenthood “family-planning” facility that doesn’t do abortions within their walls, but serves as a ‘direct pipeline to abortion’ in that many women go there to make decisions about an unexpected pregnancy …then, Planned Parenthood refers them to an abortion facility.

This is what our Sidewalk Advocates for Life-Lewisville, TX leader (now, also our new National Training Assistant at SAFL National), Dianna, recently shared with her community regarding their prayer and outreach presence at the Planned Parenthood abortion-referral facility in their community

“Because you’re a part of the pro-life community in Lewisville, I know that you grieve the loss of babies and the harm done to women and families because of abortion. And I know that it bothers you like it bothers me that Planned Parenthood has set up an abortion pipeline in our backyard, stretching from their (center) in Lewisville to the (three remaining abortion facilities) in North Texas.

And I also know that for us pro-lifers, it’s easy to feel powerless to do anything about abortion demand in our community.

But here’s the truth: We’re not powerless.

We can push back the culture of death in our city because our local pro-life community has two peaceful, yet powerful weapons in the fight against Planned Parenthood, and they’re joining forces in Lewisville this fall to put an end to the abortion giant’s presence in our city once and for all.

These two peaceful pro-life weapons are prayer and sidewalk advocacy.

Is prayer really effective in disrupting the abortion industry?

Absolutely! Former Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson has stated that at the last Planned Parenthood conference she attended, the abortion giant acknowledged that when there are people praying in front of their centers, they have seen their cancellation rates go as high as 75%!

What a glorious thought!

Just by joining a peaceful and coordinated prayer campaign (through the local 40 Days for Life campaign beginning tomorrow), your prayers and your presence on the sidewalk will most certainly make a difference in the life of someone planning to visit Planned Parenthood that day…and the best part is: You won’t even have to speak to any of the clients in order to have an impact.  That will be the role of our second peaceful pro-life weapon: trained Sidewalk Advocates.

At Lewisville For Life, our Sidewalk Advocates receive training in the well-researched and highly effective method of Sidewalk Advocates for Life.  Our Sidewalk Advocates will be present on the sidewalk or on-call every day during the entire 40 Days for Life campaign to speak to anyone planning to visit Planned Parenthood who needs assistance.

…I believe this partnership will be just the combination our city needs to finally send Planned Parenthood-Lewisville packing for good.

Friend, I really mean that.  Here’s why:

Two years ago, when I was first discerning how the Lord was asking me to serve in the pro-life movement, I became interested in sidewalk counseling. My search for more information led me to Sidewalk Advocates for Life, and I felt sure that I was being called to sidewalk advocacy in Lewisville, but I saw a couple of distinct challenges: lack of access to the clinic and limited time for outreach.

During this discernment period, I heard the news of SAFL’s first abortion clinic closure which happened in Winter Haven, Florida (watch their amazing story here). The Sidewalk Advocates in Winter Haven only held their outreach once a week, and the clinic where they engaged in sidewalk advocacy was located along a major thoroughfare in a large shopping center …with a movie theater!  These were challenging circumstances. But after 18 months of faithful one-day-a-week outreach, that clinic shut it doors!

Except for the fact that Planned Parenthood-Lewisville is an abortion-referral clinic, it mirrors the former Winter Haven abortion clinic in so many ways. And I thought, “If Winter Haven could close its clinic, so can Lewisville.”

So, on April 20, 2017, we held our first sidewalk advocacy outreach in front of Planned Parenthood-Lewisville.

Like every Sidewalk Advocate and sidewalk counselor, we were consumed with one primary question from the moment we began our outreach, “How long will it take for this (center) to close down?”

To try to “estimate” the Lewisville clinic’s likely closure date, I used the Winter Haven outreach as a baseline and hoped for a closure date of no later than 18 months from the date of our launch.

Do you know what I realized just this week? 18 months from April 20, 2017 will be October 20, 2018 …right within the 40 Days for Life campaign!

Around the end of 2017, we were hopeful that the end was near. We observed many days that the clinic was unexpectedly closed during their posted business hours, and we rejoiced and hoped to see a permanent closure sign; however, no such sign came last year. And for most of 2018, the clinic’s operation appears stable, at least from the outside. We haven’t noticed any more temporary closures.

So that means this is the perfect time for the pro-life community in Lewisville to turn up the heat–the spiritual heat–and fervently pray for the end of abortion demand in Lewisville, and give Planned Parenthood-Lewisville the final push it needs to shut its doors for good.”

Friend, you know what else?  I believe this facility — besides the evidence that it has been mysteriously closing a bunch of days recently — WILL shut down soon because of Dianna’s dedicated prayers, strategic and positive thinking, and subsequent action.

Pray and think like Dianna.  She’s standing on a mountain of evidence that THIS WORKS through the grace of God.

In short, BE A CLOSER — and let us know if we can help you!

Blessings in Christ,

Lauren Muzyka
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life

He grabbed a golf club at the abortion facility…

Dear Friend of Life:

You won’t believe this story  a story about a father at the abortion facility who was so upset about his preborn baby, HE HAD TO HIT SOMETHING.  This past week, my fellow National Team member, Jeff and I joined the Sidewalk Advocates of Louisville on the sidewalk a couple mornings at the local abortion facility  the last remaining abortion facility in the state of Kentucky.

Nothing perhaps was more heart-wrenching than when I spoke at length with a father on the sidewalk at one point.  After we began to talk, the father broke down crying about his preborn child; he allowed Jeff and me to pray with him.  He accepted my invite to walk him over to the pregnancy center to hear about all the help available.

After he came out filled with hope, he sat back down to talk with me and make a plan to pull his girlfriend out.

Suddenly, his girlfriend’s mother came out and yelled at him to come inside.

About 30 minutes later, he bolted from the facility, barely able to look at either of us.

He went to his car, grabbed a golf club, and began to swing it, repeatedly striking a tree and a cardboard box on the ground out of frustration at his girlfriend’s refusal to save herself and their baby.

After he blew off some steam, Jeff was able to slip an card in his hand, knowing she was 9 weeks pregnant and planning on the abortion pill.  Perhaps, we pray, they had a different conversation that evening and called the hotline to reverse course.  Either way, this man and his family remain in our prayers.

After we persevered through that situation and others, finally, another woman we spoke with DID choose life — praise God! 

At one point, Jeff snapped this picture of me standing in front of the facility — a picture that showed the sidewalk full of LIGHT in the midst of all that darkness.

Truly, this us what Sidewalk Advocates for Life is about: Filling the sidewalk with His light and sharing hope and help with hurting human souls — what a privilege!

You make hope-filled moments on the sidewalk possible. Won’t you help our ministry continue?

Friend, we are short of goal right now in our Fall Financial Campaign to raise desperately-needed funds to keep our ministry going, full-steam ahead, and DEADLINE is tomorrow, Thursday, at 11:59 pm CST!

Will you help us with a tax-deductible, life-saving gift and see us through to the finish line?:

Thank you, dear friends, for joining us in this great mission to save lives and end abortion through the power of love!


Lauren Muzyka
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life


Dear Friend of Life:




We never dreamed we’d be celebrating these milestones in 4 years of ministry.

And yet, why shouldn’t we?  When well-trained people of faith and conscience show up at abortion centers to be the hands and feet of Christ to mothers-in-crisis  accompanied by a concrete offer of help  LIVES ARE SAVED.  MIRACLES HAPPEN through grace of God.

These DAILY MIRACLES are hitting the bottom line of abortion facilities all over the country, sending them into a tailspin.  (Even as I write this, we know of more facilities cutting their hours back or teetering on the edge of closure  so exciting!!)

This is the power of our God: With Him ALL THINGS are possible.

And that’s why we’re dreaming big over here at Sidewalk Advocates for Life.

In 4 years, we’ve grown to 153 life-saving locations around the globe — praise God! — but we don’t want to stop here.

There are more facilities that are uncovered daily.

More mothers who need our help.

We don’t want ANYONE to get sucked into the lies of Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry without an opportunity to hear that there’s real help and hope.

Will you JOIN US in growing our ministry to set up our life-saving program in more communities in order to help save more lives and close more abortion centers?

Here’s the AMAZING NEWS: For the next 13 days, you have a rare opportunity to make a financial gift and see your donation INSTANTLY DOUBLED due to a generous group of donors who have come together to issue a $40,000 MATCHING FUND CHALLENGE!  That means $25 becomes $50… $100 becomes $200 …$500 becomes $1,000 …$5,000 becomes $10,000 …what a gift to move this work forward!


Friends, we DON’T want to leave any of this generosity sitting on the table.  With lives and souls at stake, we cannot afford to.  If we KNOW this program is working, we have a moral obligation to fulfill the mission God has put in front of us: Cover all uncovered abortion facilities as soon as possible …because we know how much it devastates the abortion industry, saves lives, and impacts eternal souls.

Will you join us in this great mission with a gift today — and see it instantly doubled?  If so, I’d be incredibly grateful for your sacrifice!


From the bottom of my heart: Thank you for your consideration!  I appreciate you!
Blessings in Christ,

Lauren Muzyka
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life

P.S. – With 153 locations, almost 5,000 babies saved, and a host of other miracles in 4 years on the sidewalk, we DON’T want to stop here: More mothers need our help to choose life for their preborn children!  Will you help us grow this ministry to set up more life-saving locations? If so, your gift is INSTANTLY DOUBLED due to a MATCHING FUND CHALLENGE gifted to us by a group of generous donors  but it’s only for the next 13 days!  Here’s where you can give and HELP SAVE MORE LIVES:  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support!

URGENT: Your prayers are needed RIGHT NOW…

Dear Friend of Life:

I know your time is precious, so I’ll make this super quick.

YOUR PRAYERS ARE NEEDED RIGHT NOW  and in the days to come.

The hearing to confirm Judge Kavanaugh  the very judge who could easily become THE Supreme Court vote to overturn the landmark abortion case,Roe v. Wade  has started with unbelievable protest and fiery objections.

As Fox News just reported, “The Supreme Court confirmation hearing turned into a political spectacle within moments, as top Democrats tried to overtake the session with a rapid-fire string of objections, and protesters screamed from the audience.”

Even as I write this, there is more yelling echoing throughout the room.


Please join us in prayer for these hearings to proceed without any more interruption— and for the balance of the Supreme Court to be won back over to the Constitution and LIFE for the good of our great country.

Blessings in Christ,

Lauren Muzyka
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life

CLOSED: The amazing VIDEO story of Las Cruces, NM …and how you can help END ABORTION!

Dear Friend of Life:

Whenever we think about abortion in our hometown, sometimes, we’re overwhelmed.  We might feel a pull to get to our local abortion facility to help save lives, but often, we don’t even know where to begin.  Or maybe we’ve been doing it for awhile …but we’re curious to know what other tips and strategies we can integrate into our outreach to perhaps win more life-saving conversations on the sidewalk.

What has worked well for others?  What doesn’t work?  Does a systematic plan matter?  Are other cities really seeing fruit from a prayer presence + outreach to abortion-minded moms on the sidewalk?

The community in Las Cruces, New Mexico asked those same questions when they received the devastating news that an abortion facility was opening in their community.

So, they did THREE KEY THINGS:  They prayed.  They talked to other cities + national groups where things appeared to be going well on the sidewalk.  And through God’s grace and that research, they made a plan for their community.

After running after that plan with everything in their heart for many months, they finally got the news: Their abortion facility was CLOSED!
Watch the 7-minute inspirational video story HERE:

Want to help save lives and close your local abortion facility? 

Knowing how busy you are, we developed a simple, research-proven sidewalk advocacy training program  along with tools and support  so you can be successful in reaching out to abortion-minded women and men through God’s amazing grace!  (Yes, we were created for busy people who want to make a difference!)

All you do is fill out a 5-minute application (where you pledge to be peaceful, prayerful and law-abiding), agree to a short phone conversation so we can answer your initial questions, and once approved, we ship you everything you need to quickly build a team of Sidewalk Advocates.  Then, we walk with you, answering your questions and troubleshooting challenges as you build and grow.

Applications to bring Sidewalk Advocates for Life to your community this Fall are OPEN FOR TWO MORE DAYS through August 31 at!

Questions?  Check out How it Works HERE:

…or drop us a line at, and we’d love to be of service!  

We hope to have the pleasure of serving you!  Praying for your discernment!

Blessings in Christ,

Lauren Muzyka
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life


Dear Friend of Life:

I hesitate to share too much in this email because I’m sure we have pro-abortion folks who are monitoring our listserve!  So, I’ll keep it general… but I’m so excited.

As we continue to collaborate with our program advisors, we are starting to integrate more “psychology of influence” techniques into our sidewalk outreach at locations across the country — and we’re witnessing stunning, life-saving results! 

More cars are stopping …more women are turning around in the driveway to head to the pregnancy center …and meanwhile, workers are shocked by the effectiveness, but they are ALSO more receptive to our offer of help to leave the industry!


So, what’s the big change?

While, again, I won’t go into everything, I’ll say this: It begins with ONE PERSON in a reflector vest.  

I’m not kidding.

We are tempted to think that in order to divert more women to the pregnancy center, we need huge teams of people on the sidewalk.  And don’t get me wrong: The goal IS to work up to 100% coverage so we can touch each and every eternal soul entering that abortion facility.

But on any given morning, to accomplish the goal of being present to women-in-need and really filling those needs, you need just ONE PERSON at the driveway (as long as the driveway is on public property) in a reflector vest — noting, for example, the “psychology of influence” principle that people in uniforms tend to get their requests met more — and ONE PARTNER on the other side of the driveway or at the fence to catch cars from the other side or reach out to those who didn’t take your offer of help as they were coming in.  (In other words, one person reaching out at a time, but always there in twos for safety and reflecting the Gospel mandate.)

When the Sidewalk Advocate stops the car, they present themselves in a loving, professional manner and are taught how to offer the FREE help at the local pregnancy resource center very quickly in the most attractive way possible.  And some women really do turnaround right then and there and head to the pregnancy center. 

If they don’t accept our help right away, Sidewalk Advocates are taught how to continue the conversation to hopefully still encourage a decision for life.

This is EXACTLY what happened when I visited Sioux Falls, SD a couple weeks ago to be a support to our team on the ground.

Our valiant leader, Sara, and her family lead our local program there, and they’ve done an incredible job incorporating some of these techniques into their outreach.

For our morning on the sidewalk, Sara was already ready in her pick reflector vest!

Their biggest obstacle was knowing who was going RIGHT to Planned Parenthood(on the right side of the office complex) or who was going LEFT towards the coffee shop or Pizza Hut.  When cars were pulling in, you couldn’t tell.

So, we told Sara and the team: Stop EVERYONE  the risk is far too great NOT to. 

When we stopped the car, we introduced ourselves: “Hi, there, I’m Sara with (insert a pro-woman name for your group or, if the pregnancy center allows, say you are with them)…Are you by chance going to Planned Parenthood today?”  If you have a smile on your face and keep it cool, 99% of the time, they will tell you.  (And if they get uneasy about the question, you treat them like a Planned Parenthood client!)

Then, it’s offering the FREE help at the local pregnancy center.  If they tell you they aren’t going there for “that,” you can ask them to share what service they are seeking that day “to point them to free help in town” (note: If it’s artificial birth control, because of it’s likely abortifacient nature and other concerns, we either share the beauty of chastity with unmarried women OR, with married women, a form of Natural Family Planning that’s 98-99% use effective).  Again, most of the time, they’ll tell you exactly what they are going in for.

If they said they were going to grab coffee or pizza, we simply told them that we were offering the free help at the local pregnancy center for anyone in need — and we handed them our pamphlet while saying, “here’s some info if you know anyone who might need help.” Almost 100% of the time, the driver took our pamphlet.  BOOM.  Quick evangelization and informing the public within seconds.

The most trying moment was when the coffee shop manager arrived for his shift, late morning  oh, they had warned me about him!  (Apparently, every single time our Advocates are out there, he comes over to harass them about our inviting cars to take info in the driveway.)  He pulled in, parked, and came marching over… FURIOUS.

“You can’t do that!  You can’t stop cars in the driveway…”

“Hi, there, what’s your name?”  I said as I stuck out my hand.

He shook my hand… then, went off on us.

I calmly reassured him that I was an attorney myself, we knew our rights, we were permitted to invite cars to briefly stop in the driveway for about 10-15 seconds to take info, our attorney had already spoken to their local police, and we’d appreciate him respecting our First Amendment Rights.  I informed him that he wasn’t unlike many property owners who were upset they had to share a parking lot with Planned Parenthood …and my advice was to get out.

He was rude and insistent that we could just let the car park and waive the client over —and if not, he’d call the police.

Sara brought up, “You KNEW before you moved in that we were here, first.”

I finally got much more direct, and I told him — pointing to Planned Parenthood with some real fire in my belly — that as long as children were dying in that building, we’d be here, inviting cars to stop, because that was the best point of access. “If you’re more concerned about selling a cup of coffee than the children dying in that building, you’ve got your priorities messed up.”

He furiously marched back to his car, threatening to call the police and pretending to tape us on his phone.

“Go ahead, sir, we’ve already worked this out with the local police,”  I reassured him.

Maybe he was mad because we stopped almost EVERY car coming into the shopping center that day.  And just before he marched over, a couple who had listened to our offer of help on the way in had driven back towards us to “talk” some more (after sitting in their car for 20 minutes, reading our pamphlet) …and chose our help at the pregnancy center instead.  PRAISE GOD!!

Never underestimate the power of ONE PERSON — and yes, a partner to have their back —in a reflector vest, waving, with a big smile and a simple offer of help.

And please pray for that coffee shop manager.  He’s experiencing the “constructive tension” that’s needed for a conversion of heart  and for abortion to end.

Blessings in Christ,

Lauren Muzyka
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life

DEADLINE: TONIGHT! Your last chance… and TWO opportunities to SAVE LIVES!

Dear Friend of Life:

I know your time is precious, so I’ll make this quick!

There are TWO opportunities you have to HELP SAVE LIVES…

1. It’s YOUR LAST CHANCE to register for the Save Lives on the Sidewalk” National Pro-Life Conference with Former Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson, October 19-21 in Dallas, and snag the Super Early Bird discount registration rate before it ends at 11:59 pm CST TONIGHT!  (REMEMBER: You’re getting an amazing deal!  All meals are covered and you get a FREE shuttle to / from DFW International Airport!  You can also take advantage of the discount room block — and perhaps share a room with a friend to keep costs down!)



  1. Top, effective, cutting-edge sidewalk outreach techniques known to help save lives from around the nation — and why they’re working
  2. How you can witness a turnaround at the abortion facility in about 15 seconds
  3. Special cases at the abortion facility —- and how to confidently navigate them
  4. A comprehensive abortion worker outreach training + effectively navigating difficult situations with workers, led, in person, by Former Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson
  5. How to effectively recruit and sustain your local program
  6. Unparalleled inspiration and fellowship with other pro-lifers from around the nation

Questions?  Drop us a line at!

We look forward to seeing you in Dallas this October!

2. We have NEW life-saving locations …and there might be one near you!

Please give a warm PRO-LIFE welcome to our BRAND NEW Sidewalk Advocates for Life locations!  The following cities have just started (or will start soon) their sidewalk advocacy program, peacefully offering loving, life-affirming alternatives to women and men entering their local abortion facility…

  • Bedford Heights, OH
  • Catonsville, MD
  • Columbus, OH
  • Fort Myers (South), FL
  • Greensboro, NC
  • Macon, GA
  • Toledo, OH
  • Winston-Salem, NC

These locations join our existing locations who are continuing their program!  Please keep them in your prayers!

Total, we are currently at 153 participating locations!  Praise God!
If you live near one of these locations, we invite you to consider attending a local training and becoming a Sidewalk Advocate, offering loving, life-affirming alternatives to women and men entering the local abortion facility.

Details on how to get involved in your local Sidewalk Advocates for Life program are found in the LOCATIONS tab on our main website: — click on your closest location and see contact info for the local program.  (Note: We are still in the process of uploading all these locations to the web; if you do not see your location, check back in a few days!)

What if you don’t have a location near you?

Consider bringing a Sidewalk Advocates for Life sidewalk advocacy program to your local community: Applications are NOW OPEN at!

It is our prayer that no abortion facility in America and beyond goes without peaceful, loving, well-trained sidewalk counselors.  We hope you’ll consider joining in this incredibly important mission to save lives and end abortion through the power of His love!


Lauren Muzyka
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life