Dear Friend of Life,

Members of our national team recently gathered in Washington D.C. and marched arm-in-arm with hundreds of thousands of our pro-life friends in the March for Life.  We shared our life-saving program with hundreds of interested pro-life advocates at the March for Life Expo; we relished an incredible time of fellowship with the pro-life community.  We witnessed the energy our new presidential administration— who is showing a strong pro-life stance, thankfully — brought to the masses.

God is good!

And while in D.C., we received incredible news!

Many of you have spent countless hours praying and / or peacefully reaching out on the sidewalk for an end to abortion. Here’s a reminder that God hears your prayers! 

We are here to tell you not about ONE or TWO but THREE abortion facilitiesthat have closed recently through the prayers and efforts of Sidewalk Advocates, YOU, and other community members who have answered God’s call to stand up for our preborn brothers and sisters!

Mark of Coalition for LifeLas Cruces sent us this picture of the Whole Women’s Health abortion facility in Las Cruces, NM, letting us know that God has heard the prayers of Sidewalk Advocates, 40 Days for Life prayer volunteers and other community members!

I will let Mark tell the story in his own words…

As of January 25, 2017, all signage on the former “Whole Woman’s Health” abortion facility has been removed, their office emptied, and their Texas-based call center confirms that their Las Cruces location has been CLOSED! 

We have been continuing to investigate this closure further to ensure that it is permanent, and not a relocation or change of abortion providers, but at this point we are sufficiently comfortable announcing that our mission has been accomplished!

First… all praise and glory to God! We will soon be organizing and announcing an opportunity for all of us to come together in prayers of thanksgiving and celebration of God’s goodness and mercy, so stay tuned!

Second… thank you! I have no doubt in my mind that this is God’s work in direct response to YOU and the persistent and earnest prayers, fasting, and sacrifice of this incredible community of the Crosses.

Third… we are not going away!  Not only will we be continuing to monitor the situation, but part of our planning from the very beginning has been to not only see abortion end in Las Cruces, but to then continue to build up the local culture of life so that it never comes back to our community!

Can we get an AMEN!?!  

But good news doesn’t stop there…

Here I am pictured with Amanda, our leader in Key West, FL, a year ago!

Amanda had been working hard over the past year to get the Sidewalk Advocates for Life training and support program set up in her community.

Being on an island, the logistics have been a bit difficult as they don’t currently have any pregnancy resource centers to refer women to. 

But NOTHING is too big for our God!

Amanda was so excited to share with us the news that THE ONLY TWO abortion providers on the island completely stopped doing abortions and closed their abortion business!  (Women are now being referred for abortion to the mainland, which is a few hours away.)

Praise God!

Just like the team in Las Cruces, the work in Key West has only just begun as they are now working to establish a permanent pregnancy resource center and fill the needs of women-in-crisis with life-affirming alternatives!

In short, that makes THREE MORE abortion facilities closed for good!TWO MORE communities that are now abortion-free with a greater opportunity to offer REAL help to women in crisis pregnancies!

This all happened because someone was willing to step up and say, “Lord, use me to do your work.”

We cannot praise Him enough for the work He has done!

Would you like to see your abortion facility shut down through the power of prayer and peaceful outreach?

Here are FOUR ways to allow the Lord to use you…

1. PRAY AND ASK GOD WHAT TO DO: Never underestimate the power of prayer — God hears every prayer!  Then, have a time of silence to listen for an answer.

2. BECOME A SIDEWALK ADVOCATE: To find the location nearest you,  Attend the next training and learn how to become a Sidewalk Advocate to reach out to women in love on the sidewalk — or to become a prayer partner on the sidewalk in support of the ministry!

3. BRING SAFL TO YOUR COMMUNITY: If there is not a Sidewalk Advocates for Life program currently in your community, prayerfully discern if you — or someone you know — may be called to bring this life-saving program to your city.  Applications will be open February 1- 29!  You can apply here when  Questions before applying?  Email us!

4. DONATE TO THIS LIFE-SAVING WORK  AND ENSURE IT CONTINUES:Some of you cannot get out to the sidewalk right now due to your particular vocation or station in life, and we understand that.  Your call might be to be a supporter who partners with us in this great work to ensure it continues well into the future!  You can make a life-saving financial gift of support (one-time or monthly) at

The 1,561 lives — that we know of — have been saved from abortion by the grace of God, working through faithful people reaching out to women-in-crisis with love and compassion.  Additionally, 38 abortion clinic workers have forever left their jobs thanks to the witness of people just like you.

All this  and more  in the 2.5 years that Sidewalk Advocates for Life has been on the sidewalk, due to our YES to Him!  We look forward to all that lies ahead!

Thank you for supporting this ministry with your prayers, time, talent and treasure. We are so blessed and honored to have your support, knowing we cannot do it without your partnership!

Blessings in Christ,

Lauren Muzyka
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life

P.S. — A quick, urgent reminder!  This is the LAST DAY of our winter financial campaign, and we’re currently short!  Go here to make an emergency life-saving gift of support, so this work may continue through 2017! …thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your support!