by Lauren Muzyka, Executive Director, Sidewalk Advocates for Life


“Or are you envious because I am generous? So the last will be first, and the first will be last.” – Matthew 15b-16


If we’re being totally honest, we’ve all felt a twinge of jealousy before… Someone else seems better at their job than we do. Someone else gets recognized for their accomplishments more than we do. Another sidewalk counselor is celebrating yet another victory on the sidewalk while we’re in a season of struggle. Another organization gets the attention we were hoping to draw to a project we just launched.

And yet, the Lord doesn’t see it that way. In the Kingdom of God, everything sacrificed and offered to Him, big and small, challenge or no challenge, is valuable and precious. You have gifts and talents someone else doesn’t. Seasons of life give us more of an opportunity to share at times than others. And if our ultimate goal is to glorify God and give all the attention to Him where possible, it doesn’t really matter. As long as we are utilizing the gifts, talents and time He has given to us – letting all be done in love – it is even more pleasing to Him!

And perhaps another’s success is the Holy Spirit whispering to us a challenge: Go run after and cultivate the gifts and dreams I’ve given you.

Meanwhile as we grow and seek His Will, God reassures us: Don’t focus on someone else, focus on what I can do through you. And celebrate any victory — whether worked through us or someone else — as a victory for Him.

Faith Challenge:

Pray for the gift of humility, and thank God for His many blessings.