Dear Friend of Life:

I have some amazing news for you this morning!

But first — because so many of you are asking how we did — I wanted to give you an update regarding our Spring financial campaign, along with the$45,000 matching fund we were gifted. The bad news is that, unfortunately, we fell short of our matching fund goal by about $20,000 at deadline, Tuesday night.

The good news — praise God! — is that our matching fund donors believe so much in what we’re doing that they have given their blessing to a 1-week extension so that we have a chance to cross the finish line in our Spring campaign and ensure this ministry has what it needs to keep going and growing!

The new deadline to make our matching fund goal is 11:59 pm CST onThursday, April 20!

Again, without making this goal, our work won’t survive this year. We MUST cross the finish line!

If you are excited about what God is doing to end abortion through the power of love and peaceful outreach in Sidewalk Advocates for Lifeand the almost 1,700 babies saved from abortion, the 43 abortion workers who have left, the 6 facility closures, and so many other blessings will you help us and make your most generous gift today?

Here’s where you can make an emergency gift of support: sidewalkadvocates.org/donate

If you have already given to the matching fund — THANK YOU! Your sacrifice has gotten us MUCH closer to the finish line!

The good news is that with your support, we’ve made up gaps like this in the past!  But it’s clear that we will not make it without your help and sacrifice!

Thank you for making the gift that God puts on your heart today!  Once again, here’s where you can go to help: sidewalkadvocates.org/donate

Now back to the exciting update…

Sidewalk Advocates spend countless hours, days, and even years reaching out to women-in-crisis on the sidewalk with hope and love.

Sometimes they are rewarded with the knowledge that the woman they spoke with chose life for her child. Occasionally, that abortion worker they’ve been kind to asks for help to leave the abortion industry, and they’re able to refer them to Abby Johnson’s abortion worker ministry, And Then There Were None. More often than not, they don’t always know the impact their sacrifice has on those they meet.

Sometimes, the abortion facility is busier than ever, and women come and go without telling them if they changed their minds.

At times, access can be difficult and all our volunteers can do is pray that abortion will end in their community.

Today, let me remind you there is power in steadfast prayer and peaceful outreach!  Our Sidewalk Advocates in Bossier City, LA, gave us exciting news when an abortion facility employee came out and told them a day in the recent past was their “last day.”

While patiently waiting to verify the facility actually closed, we received the following photo, evidencing closure!

From our Program Director, Chris, in Bossier City…

We are absolutely thrilled that no more abortions will be occurring at this facility.  This means that about 1,000 babies per year will be saved!

The excitement level on the sidewalk is unreal.  We are so glad to witness what God is doing through peaceful prayer and loving advocacy. 

We have been standing in prayer ardently for many years outside this facility. We could sense a level of discord from the workers who talked to us. They would complain about a bad working environment and asked us to pray for them. So pray we did. We referred them to Abby Johnson’s ministry. And each year, there would be almost a completely new staff with many new faces, most of which would be gone the next year.

The Shreveport-Bossier area has unfortunately become the abortion capital of Louisiana because the two facilities perform more abortions than Baton Rouge or New Orleans. With the closing of this facility, we can shed that dubious distinction and usher in a new era with a new motto, “One down, one more to go!”

Thank you, Chris, and all Sidewalk Advocates in Bossier City!  Our prayers will continue for your team as you focus on the one remaining abortion facility in Shreveport and work toward an abortion-free community!

This could happen in YOUR community!

Here are a few ways you can get involved…

1. Consider becoming a trained Sidewalk Advocate. To find the location nearest you, visit sidewalkadvocates.org/locations.  Attend the next training and learn how to become a Sidewalk Advocate and peacefully and effectively reach out to women in love on the sidewalk — or become a prayer partner on the sidewalk in support of the ministry!

2. Bring our life-saving program to your community! If there is not a Sidewalk Advocates for Life training program currently in your community, prayerfully discern if you — or someone you know — may be called to bring this life-saving program to your city.  Applications will be open May 1- 31at sidewalkadvocates.org/apply.  Questions before applying?  Email us atinfo@sidewalkadvocates.org!

3. Give to this life-saving work  AND ENSURE IT CONTINUES. Some of you cannot get out to the sidewalk right now due to your particular vocation or station in life, and we understand that.  Your call might be to become a financial partner in this great work to ensure it continues well into the future!  You can make a life-saving financial gift of support (one-time or monthly) atsidewalkadvocates.org/donate  and everything is doubled right now due to our matching fund!

The 1,670 lives — that we know of — have been saved from abortion by the grace of God, working through faithful people who have said YES to reaching out to abortion-minded women and men with love and compassion.  Additionally,43 abortion clinic workers have forever left their jobs thanks to the witness of people just like you.

You have made these miracles possible through all your support!

Thank you again for supporting this ministry with your prayers, time, talent and treasure. God is moving through His people, and lives are being saved! This wouldn’t be possible without people like you saying, “YES” and partnering with us in this great work.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you!

Blessings in Christ,

Chantel Poisel
Communications Coordinator
Sidewalk Advocates for Life


P.S. — A quick, URGENT reminder!  Our Spring Financial Campaign ended yesterday, and we’re currently short of our goal!  Go here to make an emergency, life-saving gift of support, so this work may continue:sidewalkadvocates.org/donate …thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your support!