PICTURES: THREE More Precious Babies Spared from Abortion!

Dear Friend of Life:

At times, it is very easy to become overwhelmed by the fact that 59 million children have lost their lives to abortion since Roe vs. Wade was handed down by the Supreme Court.

In the United States, a child loses his or her life to abortion about every 2 minutes. How can your heart not break when you think of all of these children who have been lost?

Still, as people of great hope in Christ, we know the amazing opportunities God has given us to turn the tide and save lives by being present to mothers-in-crisis!

Through Sidewalk Advocates peacefully and lovingly reaching out to women in front of abortion facilities across the country and world, we have now witnessed over 1,575 children (that we know of) spared from abortion …their mothers and families saved from a lifetime of regret …little boys and little girls made in the image and likeness of God who almost became another statistic, but were saved because God worked through someone who was there.

Some of those children were very recently born — praise God!

First, meet baby Zyliee, saved when God worked through Sidewalk Advocates in Florida…

This next picture is baby Ka’mare, helped by Sidewalk Advocates in Florida…

And here we have baby Chance, aided by Sidewalk Advocates in Michigan…

Chance was given his name because his mom took a “Chance” on him… and look at her reward!

Little girls and boys just like Zyliee, Ka’mare, and Chance are alive today because people were willing to say “YES” to God’s calling to be present where abortions are taking place.  They went through SAFL’s comprehensive sidewalk advocacy training program and learned how to peacefully and effectively reach out with their words to women-in-crisis and offer them real, concrete help.

As our Program Director in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Sara, recently said: “Thank you for teaching me how to help the broken people who come to (Planned Parenthood), so God and I could save their babies’ lives and their own.”

Here’s something to think about: These are just three of the almost 1,600 precious children saved in just over 2.5 years!  To God be the Glory — great things He is doing through your prayers, efforts and support!

Many times, our Sidewalk Advocates have no idea what impact they had that day on the sidewalk.  However, when we look upon the sweet faces of these children, created in the image and likeness of God Almighty, we know that He eventually shows us how our prayers and perseverance make a life-saving difference, even if the victory goes unseen at times.

Want to join us on the sidewalk?  Here are two great options…

1. Find a Sidewalk Advocates for Life location near you

2. Feel called to bring SAFL’s peaceful, prayerful sidewalk advocacy program to your local community this Spring? Applications are now open through February 28You can apply here:

Every single person has a role to play in ending abortion — whether you are a trained Sidewalk Advocate (or peaceful sidewalk counselor), prayer volunteer, or financial supporter — and your action makes a difference in the lives of children like these, changing a family tree and the world forever.

Thank you for your “YES” to whatever the Lord has called you to do to end abortion!

In Christ, for Life,

Lauren Muzyka
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life

BI-WEEKLY DEVOTIONAL (February 1 – 14, 2017): “We are the Children of God”

by Jeff Reedy, Shipping Coordinator, Sidewalk Advocates for Life

Verses: “See what great love God has lavished on us, that we might be called the children of God. And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know Him.” — 1 John 3:1

Reflection: There is so much packed into this one verse in regards to our lives in the pro-life movement, isn’t there?

God has lavished His love on us — not just those of us who happen to have been born, but on the unborn as well. He calls all of us His children as those made in His image and likeness. And in response to that great love comes an obligation and a privilege: to defend the lives of those whom He loves who are most vulnerable and at risk: the unborn.

Let’s show God how much we love Him by taking care of those who need our help so desperately. And the last sentence really hits home, too: The world doesn’t know Him. It is languishing in its despair and the emptiness that comes when He isn’t in our lives.

Let us be patient with those who hate us — they need love, they need kindness, and they need Jesus. Let’s remember not to take it personally when the world hates us — it hated Him, too! But take heart… He has overcome the world.

Faith Challenge: In what new way can we reach out and love those who don’t understand why we’re pro-life? How can we shine the love that God has lavished on us into their lives?