How It Works

Would you like to learn how to peacefully and effectively help women and men in unplanned/crisis pregnancies choose life at your local abortion facility?

Sidewalk Advocates for Life offers a peaceful, prayerful, law-abiding sidewalk advocacy program that teaches you how to reach a woman’s heart and fill her needs so she can confidently choose life!

Here is what we offer you and your community  a quick summary of our 3-point (training, tools, and support) program:


  • comprehensive, 4-hour Sidewalk Advocacy Basic Training + professional training workbooks (***only requirement to be a trained Sidewalk Advocate)
  • opportunity for in-person training
  • 21-video Advanced Training Series
  • Role-Play Program
  • Spanish training


  • literature options
  • bulletin announcements
  • flyer templates
  • Tips & Strategies documents

…and more!


  • full-time staff support (+ assigned to an advisor on the National Team for full-time spiritual, strategic, and legal support)
  • monthly Q&A calls
  • opportunity for in-person sidewalk visits
  • pro-bono legal help

After your first full quarter on the sidewalk with us, you have the option to periodically renew your program with Sidewalk Advocates for Life.

To get access to this life-saving program, it’s just TWO EASY STEPS!:

1. Fill out the 5-minute application here:

2. We’ll set up a brief phone consultation to explain the program and answer preliminary questions.

Once you receive approval by email, we’ll ship you the starter package, grant you access to all of the online tools, and assign you to an advisor on our National Team!

Questions?  Drop us a line at, and we’d love to be of service!

NOTE:  A PDF flyer version of this page is available at