Lisa Searle, BSN, RN

Healthcare Team Manager @ Heartbeat International

Lisa Searle is a Healthcare Team Manager with Heartbeat International. Lisa oversees the Abortion Pill Rescue Network, a program within Heartbeat International that services women seeking to reverse their abortions. Lisa educates Pregnancy Help Organizations on how to best meet the needs of their community when faced with unplanned pregnancy, abortion, STI and disruption of sexual integrity.

When Lisa was 13 years old, she discovered her love for Women’s Health while volunteering as a Candy Striper in the Labor and Delivery unit of the local hospital. As a young nursing student, Lisa took a job in an abortion clinic because of her desire to help women and to also increase her knowledge in Gynecology. The time spent in the abortion clinic revealed a painful truth about abortion but most of all has given Lisa an undying passion to protect the preborn and those affected by abortion. After leaving the abortion clinic, Lisa went on to enjoy a successful career in obstetrical nursing. Prior to joining the team at Heartbeat International Lisa spent two years as a nurse consultant with the APRN Hotline and four years as a nurse manager of a Pregnancy Center. Lisa is grateful to God for his grace and mercy and giving purpose to her past.

Lisa holds a bachelor’s degree in Nursing. She is an active member of The Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses and The National Association of Pro life Nurses. Lisa has extensive training in Crisis Pregnancy Coaching through Light University.

Lisa lives in Raleigh, NC with her husband, Michael and two children Costin and Asher. She enjoys spending time in the garden, watching the birds and planting flowers with her family , her Goldendoodle, Izzy and her cat, Petunia Butterfly.