Nallely Cortes

Volunteer @ And Then There Were None

Nallely Cortes worked for Planned Parenthood in Santa Maria, California for one year. She had been a medical assistant at another practice and wanted to find a better paying job. She applied to Planned Parenthood as a medical assistant, yet her job description was to be a receptionist and to counsel patients. She also worked in the backroom assisting with procedures. After what she witnessed at Planned Parenthood, the way they mislead women and withhold information from them, she now believes she needs to be a voice for the unborn and to stand in the gap for women and children. She now volunteers with And Then There Were None, prays on the sidewalk outside of abortion facilities, and works with Prolove Ministries, specifically with the LoveLine project. Through this project, she helps those experiencing difficult times when pregnant. Nallely has also been featured as one of And Then There Were None’s Quitters of the Month.