Noemi Padilla

@ And Then There Were None

Noemi Padilla has been a nurse for 26 years. She worked at Tampa Women’s Health for 4 years as an LPN and Clinical Nursing Supervisor where abortions were done up to 23 weeks and 6 days. She believes that the decision she made to abort her own twins contributed to her accepting a job at an abortion clinic. Through the encouragement, Noemi received from her brother who is a Christian Chaplain, a sister who she co-parents 3 children with, and a Sidewalk Advocate outside her clinic helped her make the decision to quit her job.
And Then There Were None showed her unconditional love and support and ATTWN helped her turn her life around when she was in the most difficult time of her life. Through ATTWN, she accepted God’s grace and began her rehabilitation back to the nurse she always wanted to be, a nurse that is living up to the oath she took ages ago to save and promote life. Noemi is currently studying to become an RN and was recently featured as one of And Then There Were None’s Quitter of the Month.