Paula K. Peyton

Executive Director @ Hope After Rape Conception

Paula was conceived in rape and is the mother of a beautiful son conceived in gang rape. She hails from Memphis, Tennessee.

Paula serves as the Executive Director of Hope After Rape Conception, a pro-life non-profit dedicated to assisting mothers from rape and their children. Her story has been featured by Live Action, Life News, Life Site News, and an assortment of international pro-life blogs and online news sources. She has also appeared on “For Life and Liberty” on the Bott Radio Network, and she is a blog contributor for Save the 1.  

A devoted advocate for her son and all people affected by rape conception, Paula enjoys speaking at pro-life fundraisers and events to share the testimony of her conversion from pro-choice volunteer with Planned Parenthood and a private abortion facility to pro-life activist. She hopes to help change our culture to make abortion unthinkable.