The Sidewalk Advocates for Life National Team aims to keep accurate statistics associated with our peaceful outreach on the sidewalk as a way to keep the community updated on all that God is doing in our midst — and to give Him praise at every turn!

We define each category in the following way:

  • Save / Turnaway / Turnaround Pregnant woman who accepts our help at the local PRC or verbally shares that she has chosen life or gives us very clear signs that she has chosen life. Also, a woman who simply accepts the offer of a free pregnancy test and / or ultrasound / sonogram at the local PRC.
  • Hopeful  Where a pregnant woman leaves the abortion facility to “think about it,” armed with life-saving literature and a referral to the local pregnancy resource center. (Sometimes, we are able to eventually confirm that a hopeful has become a save!)
  • Abortion Workers Who Left  Where a worker leaves the abortion industry, influenced by our witness and offer of help through God’s grace.  We refer all workers to And Then There Were None abortion worker ministry.
  • Closed Facilities A closed abortion or abortion-referral facility where there has been a Sidewalk Advocates for Life program.
  • Current Number of Locations – Sites running a Sidewalk Advocates for Life program at an abortion or abortion-referral facility.