The Sidewalk Advocates for Life National Team aims to keep accurate statistics associated with our peaceful outreach on the sidewalk as a way to keep the community updated on all that God is doing in our midst — and to give Him praise at every turn!

We define each category in the following way:

  • Save  Where a pregnant woman (or her companion(s)) lets us know that she/they have made a decision for life — or offered some other concrete sign that she is “keeping her baby.”
  • Turnaway  A woman who is “turned away” from the abortion facility for a free pregnancy test and/or sonogram at the pregnancy resource center — whether or not we know she is, for sure, pregnant.  (Sometimes, we are able to confirm pregnancy and a decision for life, moving her from a turnaway to a save!)
  • Hopeful  Where a pregnant woman leaves the abortion facility to “think about it,” armed with life-saving literature and a referral to the local pregnancy resource center. (Sometimes, we are able to eventually confirm that a hopeful has become a save!)
  • Abortion Workers Who Left  Where a worker leaves the abortion industry, influenced by our witness and offer of help through God’s grace!
  • Closed Facilities A closed abortion or abortion-referral facility where there has been a Sidewalk Advocates for Life program.