BE A CLOSER: Shutting Down Abortion Facilities through the Power of Prayer and Outreach

Dear Friend of Life:

An Abortion-Referral Facility… what is it?

This is a Planned Parenthood “family-planning” facility that doesn’t do abortions within their walls, but serves as a ‘direct pipeline to abortion’ in that many women go there to make decisions about an unexpected pregnancy …then, Planned Parenthood refers them to an abortion facility.

This is what our Sidewalk Advocates for Life-Lewisville, TX leader (now, also our new National Training Assistant at SAFL National), Dianna, recently shared with her community regarding their prayer and outreach presence at the Planned Parenthood abortion-referral facility in their community

“Because you’re a part of the pro-life community in Lewisville, I know that you grieve the loss of babies and the harm done to women and families because of abortion. And I know that it bothers you like it bothers me that Planned Parenthood has set up an abortion pipeline in our backyard, stretching from their (center) in Lewisville to the (three remaining abortion facilities) in North Texas.

And I also know that for us pro-lifers, it’s easy to feel powerless to do anything about abortion demand in our community.

But here’s the truth: We’re not powerless.

We can push back the culture of death in our city because our local pro-life community has two peaceful, yet powerful weapons in the fight against Planned Parenthood, and they’re joining forces in Lewisville this fall to put an end to the abortion giant’s presence in our city once and for all.

These two peaceful pro-life weapons are prayer and sidewalk advocacy.

Is prayer really effective in disrupting the abortion industry?

Absolutely! Former Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson has stated that at the last Planned Parenthood conference she attended, the abortion giant acknowledged that when there are people praying in front of their centers, they have seen their cancellation rates go as high as 75%!

What a glorious thought!

Just by joining a peaceful and coordinated prayer campaign (through the local 40 Days for Life campaign beginning tomorrow), your prayers and your presence on the sidewalk will most certainly make a difference in the life of someone planning to visit Planned Parenthood that day…and the best part is: You won’t even have to speak to any of the clients in order to have an impact.  That will be the role of our second peaceful pro-life weapon: trained Sidewalk Advocates.

At Lewisville For Life, our Sidewalk Advocates receive training in the well-researched and highly effective method of Sidewalk Advocates for Life.  Our Sidewalk Advocates will be present on the sidewalk or on-call every day during the entire 40 Days for Life campaign to speak to anyone planning to visit Planned Parenthood who needs assistance.

…I believe this partnership will be just the combination our city needs to finally send Planned Parenthood-Lewisville packing for good.

Friend, I really mean that.  Here’s why:

Two years ago, when I was first discerning how the Lord was asking me to serve in the pro-life movement, I became interested in sidewalk counseling. My search for more information led me to Sidewalk Advocates for Life, and I felt sure that I was being called to sidewalk advocacy in Lewisville, but I saw a couple of distinct challenges: lack of access to the clinic and limited time for outreach.

During this discernment period, I heard the news of SAFL’s first abortion clinic closure which happened in Winter Haven, Florida (watch their amazing story here). The Sidewalk Advocates in Winter Haven only held their outreach once a week, and the clinic where they engaged in sidewalk advocacy was located along a major thoroughfare in a large shopping center …with a movie theater!  These were challenging circumstances. But after 18 months of faithful one-day-a-week outreach, that clinic shut it doors!

Except for the fact that Planned Parenthood-Lewisville is an abortion-referral clinic, it mirrors the former Winter Haven abortion clinic in so many ways. And I thought, “If Winter Haven could close its clinic, so can Lewisville.”

So, on April 20, 2017, we held our first sidewalk advocacy outreach in front of Planned Parenthood-Lewisville.

Like every Sidewalk Advocate and sidewalk counselor, we were consumed with one primary question from the moment we began our outreach, “How long will it take for this (center) to close down?”

To try to “estimate” the Lewisville clinic’s likely closure date, I used the Winter Haven outreach as a baseline and hoped for a closure date of no later than 18 months from the date of our launch.

Do you know what I realized just this week? 18 months from April 20, 2017 will be October 20, 2018 …right within the 40 Days for Life campaign!

Around the end of 2017, we were hopeful that the end was near. We observed many days that the clinic was unexpectedly closed during their posted business hours, and we rejoiced and hoped to see a permanent closure sign; however, no such sign came last year. And for most of 2018, the clinic’s operation appears stable, at least from the outside. We haven’t noticed any more temporary closures.

So that means this is the perfect time for the pro-life community in Lewisville to turn up the heat–the spiritual heat–and fervently pray for the end of abortion demand in Lewisville, and give Planned Parenthood-Lewisville the final push it needs to shut its doors for good.”

Friend, you know what else?  I believe this facility — besides the evidence that it has been mysteriously closing a bunch of days recently — WILL shut down soon because of Dianna’s dedicated prayers, strategic and positive thinking, and subsequent action.

Pray and think like Dianna.  She’s standing on a mountain of evidence that THIS WORKS through the grace of God.

In short, BE A CLOSER — and let us know if we can help you!

Blessings in Christ,

Lauren Muzyka
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life