PICTURE: No Rape Exception In The New Alabama Abortion Ban? A Thought…

Dear Friend of Life:

All this talk of ‘no rape exception’ in the aftermath of the passage of the Alabama law, and a thought…

People have said awful things to my friend, Paula, who chose life for her son, Caleb, after gang rape at gunpoint. What’s even more interesting is that she wasn’t in the minority as some might have you believe: Most moms who conceive in rape choose life and choose to parent.

The folks who are calling children conceived in rape  these precious human beings, no different from anyone else  names have one thing in common: They are very broken, hurting people.

You see, they are saying awful things to Paula because they are wrestling with the fact that they didn’t choose life in a financial issue when she chose life after rape. They didn’t stand up to the boyfriend pressuring them when she chose life after being held at gunpoint. They didn’t choose life in a career or school conflict when she chose life in one of the so-called ‘exceptions.’

The truth that we need to share with the world is that there is no condemnation here. Because, you see, I made decisions where I didn’t listen to my heart — where I didn’t choose what was right.

I fell short. Terribly short. 

I’m not perfect, and I don’t expect others to be — especially in a crisis — or I heap condemnation upon myself. That doesn’t mean that we don’t call each other to do right, it just means we are very careful to point fingers.

Welcome to humanity.

Instead, my prayer is that these folks realize that there is no condemnation to those who choose Christ. He wills their healing and restoration. Paula serves not as a representative who condemns them, but as a message of hope that when circumstances aren’t ideal, we all have the power to choose better.

(Photo credit: Paula K. Peyton, Pro-Life Speaker)

If you didn’t choose life before, welcome to humankind where, but for grace, we all fall short of the glory of God. In one situation or another, we all have failed to ‘choose life.’ We love you and we’re just all trying to do better and become the best version of ourselves.

So, pray for these folks who are saying awful things: Behind those awful words is a hurting human soul, desperately in need of Christ and the ministry of His Church which can set them free.

Blessings in Christ,

Lauren Muzyka
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life


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Dear Friend of Life:

We have some HUGE news for you!

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve now witnessed OVER 6,000 BABIES SAVED!

In fact, the total number of babies saved is now 6,337 (and those are just the ones we know about) — praise God!  We cannot do it without the faithful outreach of our volunteer Advocates around the country and the world, along with YOUR prayers and support.

It’s hard to believe that just over five years ago we started with only a handful of locations, and now we are nearing 200 around the world!  What’s more, in the past month we have received an avalanche of interest in starting new Sidewalk Advocates for Life locations, thanks to people being powerfully moved by the movie Unplanned to get involved in pro-life ministry

The momentum and acceleration for LIFE is like nothing we’ve ever seen before!

Meanwhile, the other side is less than thrilled about it. No doubt, you have heard about the recent attack on peaceful, prayerful advocates outside of a Philadelphia Planned Parenthood by a state Representative.  Just this past Friday, our Executive Director, Lauren Muzyka, had the privilege of being in Philadelphia with numerous other pro-life leaders to stand up for the First Amendment rights of all those who reach out to women and men on the sidewalk, offering them hope and resources to choose life.

Watch Lauren’s powerful, 2 minute speech HERE.

(Photo credit: LIVE ACTION)

It’s no surprise that peaceful pro-life advocates are being targeted now more than ever.  Pro-choice activists can see the writing on the wall: heartbeat bills and other abortion restrictions being signed into law across the country, abortion facilities closing at a record pace, and the most pro-life Supreme Court since Roe v. Wade.

We are winning the fight for the culture of life, and they know it.  It’s no wonder they’ve resorted to screaming and harassing elderly grandmothers and teenage girls — they have no other tactics left! 

Were you inspired by the rally in Philadelphia to get more involved?  Want to stand up to bullies like Representative Sims?  Help save the next 1,000 babies through peaceful, prayerful, sidewalk advocacy!  

  • If you are not already a trained Sidewalk Advocate, consider signing up to become one today!  You can find a location near you at sidewalkadvocates.org/locations.
  • If there is no location in your community, will you consider standing in the gap between vulnerable women and the local abortion facility that preys on their fear for profit?  Applications to start a sidewalk advocacy team in your community are OPEN NOW!!  To begin the journey, go to: sidewalkadvocates.org/apply
  • For more information on our comprehensive training program and what we offer, see sidewalkadvocates.org/about/how-it-works/

If you are already a trained Advocate, or you simply want to fellowship with members of the pro-life community, we invite you to join us for one or both of these exciting upcoming events:

  • The Pro-Life Women’s Conference, June 21-23, in New Orleans, LA.  We have an extremely limited number of discounted tickets available exclusively through Sidewalk Advocates for Life!  Click here to register now before they sell out!
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In whatever role you are called to play, thank you for standing up for the cause of LIFE in your community and letting the world know we are here, and we will not back down!

Blessings in Christ,

Lauren Muzyka
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life


Something BIG Is Happening In The Pro-Life Movement…

Dear Friend of Life:

Something BIG is happening right now.

Since the release of the pro-life, blockbuster hit movie, Unplanned — the story of Former Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson — on March 29, Abby says she is waking up every morning to numerous emails from people who walked into the theater pro-choice and out pro-life.

Abby’s abortion worker ministry, And Then There Were None, is now helping at least another dozen workers who want to leave after seeing the movie!

40 Days for Life, during this last Spring campaign (which ended yesterday), reported dozens upon dozens of new volunteers who came out to pray for the first time after watching it.

And we in Sidewalk Advocates for Life are processing over 50 applications from folks who are interested in starting a life-saving location with our program, citing the movie as a huge motivator — which could be a sudden 30% increase in sites!

This movie is surely the “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” of abortion …and I cannot wait to see what else God will do!

The biggest thing Abby has shared with me?  All of this is happening because of YOU.

Because YOU bought tickets to see the movie, it has stayed in theaters this long.

Because YOU have said yes to life-saving activities like Sidewalk Advocates for Life, folks have had a place to go once they were convicted to do more.

And because YOU have supported our ministry and Abby’s, we have been able to help more women and workers than ever before!

One thing is clear: Without YOU, this new “springtime” in the pro-life movement  the greatest work on earth to help and save lives and souls  doesn’t happen.  (Yes, it’s by His grace all these things are happening, but our YES is precious to Him as He seeks to work through us!)

So, keep seeing the movie  and bring people with you.

And keep encouraging folks to get involved and support this life-saving work!

If you want to meet Abby Johnson and learn more from her regarding sidewalk advocacy and how to personally help more workers leave the business, join us for this upcoming event …and hurry, because a special ticket deal might pass you by!

Super Early Bird tickets for the Save Lives on the Sidewalk National Conference with Former Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson this October in Dallas, TX will expire TONIGHT, April 15 at 11:59 pm CST

Other speakers include…

  • David Bereit, Founder, 40 Days for Life
  • Steve Karlen, Campaign Director, 40 Days for Life
  • Joanna Hyatt, Strategic Partnerships, Live Action
  • Dr. Pat Castle, Founder / President, LIFE Runners
  • Josh Brahm, President, Equal Rights Institute
  • Paula Peyton, Save the One (whose son, Caleb, was conceived in gang rape)
…and myself, among others!

See sidewalkadvocates.org/conference for details; click REGISTER to snag a discountedSuper Early Bird ticket before it expires!

We look forward to seeing you in Dallas this Fall!

Indeed, we are seeing the miraculous unfold right before our eyes; let’s keep moving forward and giving Him our YES every step of the way!

Blessings in Christ,

Lauren Muzyka
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life


She Watched “Unplanned” And Become Pro-Life…

Dear Friend of Life:

I know it’s Friday afternoon, but I HAD to share this with you.

Our National Outreach Coordinator, Nate, was at a showing this week for the new blockbuster pro-life film, Unplanned  the story of Former Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson  that just hit theaters, officially, today.  As one of the organizers of the showing, he let the crowd know that he would be available if anyone wanted to talk afterwards.

After the showing, a woman and man came up to him with tears in their eyes, explained that they were from the Central Florida Post, and that they had always considered themselves pro-choice.

What she said next Nate will never forget.

“The only way I can go back (to being pro-choice) is if any of that wasn’t true.”

The film hit her so hard that she told Nate she didn’t know how to put into words all that she was feeling and what direction to take her article on the movie.

Nate listened intently, and said, “At the very least, encourage people to see the movie.”

She agreed, and what came next was this article that has gone viral in the last 24 hours: A Pro-Choice Review of Pro-Life Film Unplanned

I’m not kidding when I say this: I believe that THIS film will do for abortion what “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” did to end slavery.

But the only way this film is successful and reaches the audience it needs to is if you do ONE THING: Go see it THIS weekend, opening weekend.

You can get your tickets here: https://unplannedtickets.com/

This weekend, Sidewalk Advocates for Life is hosting two SOLD OUT showings in the North Dallas area, and I’m already praying for everyone who will be present: That they will either get involved in the greatest human rights movement in the history of the world or take their life-saving work to the next level.

For God’s glory, let us pray!

In that spirit, there are two events coming up where you can do just that — but the opportunity to snag your spot is ending soon!

The Pro-Life Women’s Conference, happening this June in New Orleans, has $95 tickets, an offer that runs out at 11:59 pm CST THIS Sunday:  To redeem, click TICKETS at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/annual-pro-life-womens-confere…, then click “ENTER PROMOTIONAL CODE” in the upper right hand corner to enter SAFL2019 to get a discounted ticket!

Super Early Bird tickets for the Save Lives on the Sidewalk National Conference this October in Dallas, TX will expire on April 15!  To redeem, see sidewalkadvocates.org/conference for details; click REGISTER to snag a discounted Super Early Bird ticket before it expires!

Once you register for both events, forward your two email confirmations onto christina@sidewalkadvocates.org before April 1, and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a $50 gift card to the store of your choice!  (Questions? Drop a line to Christina at christina@sidewalkadvocates.org!)

All in all, let’s pray, buckle up, and watch God move people to action this weekend and beyond!  Thanks so much!

Blessings in Christ,

Lauren Muzyka
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life


p.s. — In case you didn’t see the announcement on social media: We made goal in our Spring Matching Fund campaign!  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for all your prayers and support to keep this life-saving mission going strong!!


Dear Friend of Life:

Last night’s TURNING POINT webcast was an incredibly informative event —everything people of common sense and conscience need to do to push back against late-term abortion and infanticide — for the hundreds of participants with us!

Participants raved about the information from Abby Johnson, Martin Cannon, Esq., and others …and we wanted to be sure YOU don’t miss it!
IF YOU MISSED IT, HERE’S THE RECORDING: http://sidewalkadvocates.org/replay
During the event, you will learn…

  • What THE RECENT SENATE VOTE ON INFANTICIDE AND NEW YORK LAW EXPANDING ABORTION UNTIL BIRTH really means for America —and what you can do to change the tide and help save lives…
  • All about THE NEW BLOCKBUSTER, PRO-LIFE MOVIE, UNPLANNED,about to hit theaters in one month — why it will be devastating to the abortion industry and what you can do to accelerate its life-saving impact…
  • THREE HUGE ANNOUNCEMENTS that will share groundbreaking strategic plans to HELP SAVE MORE LIVES than ever before…
  • And HOW YOU CAN BE A PART OF ENDING ABORTION right in your town or city!

You’ll also hear the exciting announcement about a $95,000 matching fund challenge, gifted to us by a wonderful group of pro-life advocates, to help us raise desperately-needed funds in the next few weeks as we launch these new projects to HELP END ABORTION!  (The deadline to contribute to the matching fund and see your gift instantly doubled is Tuesday, March 12!)

It costs Sidewalk Advocates for Life about $2,000 per location per year to provide a community comprehensive training, tools, and support.  We not only want to keep these locations going strong, but want to build more life-saving teams across the nation for His glory!  Truly, these donors are giving YOU and others a rare opportunity to take this critical work to the next level with the opportunity to DOUBLE your life-saving gift INSTANTLY!

As you know, we only ask for support when we really need help — and we certainly don’t want to leave any of this incredible generosity sitting on the table!

If God is moving your heart to make a special or monthly, tax-deductible gift of support — with the opportunity to double it instantly! — go now to:sidewalkadvocates.org/donate

We are very grateful that God has provided this amazing opportunity to multiply His LIFE-SAVING work as we seek to END ABORTION through the power of His love at abortion facilities all over our great nation and beyond! (Please be sure to watch our progress on our Facebook page or webpage, as well!)

Thank you for your support at this crucial time in history!

Blessings in Christ,

Lauren Muzyka
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life


P.S.  Again, we cannot believe it: We were just gifted a $95,000 matching fund by a wonderful group of pro-life advocates to help us raise desperately-needed funds in the next few weeks as we launch these new projects to HELP SAVE MORE LIVES  SO ANY GIFT YOU MAKE RIGHT NOW ISINSTANTLY DOUBLED!

Make a LIFE-SAVING, TAX-DEDUCTIBLE gift at: sidewalkadvocates.org/donate …thank you so much for your support!!


Dear Friend of Life:

I felt like you could almost hear the outcry from people of common sense, faith, and conscience a month ago when New York legalized abortion until the point of birth.

Now, we have Rhode Island, Illinois (who also want you to PAY for it), Vermont, and more considering it?  What is this madness?!

It begs the questions: How many states are going to do this?  What can we do to STOP this?

To answer your questions, TOMORROW NIGHT, we are hosting an emergency, one-hour webcast event, “TURNING POINT,” with special guests…

  • Abby Johnson, Former Planned Parenthood Director
  • Martin Cannon, Esq., Senior Counsel, Thomas More Society
  • Christina Faucett, Esq., Program Administrator, Sidewalk Advocates for Life
  • another surprise guest

…and myself!

REGISTER FOR ONE OF THE LIMITED SPOTS NOW: sidewalkadvocates.org/webcast

During the event, you will learn…

  • What THE NEW YORK LAW EXPANDING ABORTION UNTIL BIRTH really means for America — and what you can do to change the tide and help save lives…
  • All about THE NEW BLOCKBUSTER, PRO-LIFE MOVIE, UNPLANNEDabout to hit theaters in one month — why it will be devastating to the abortion industry and what you can do to accelerate its life-saving impact…
  • THREE HUGE ANNOUNCEMENTS that will share groundbreaking strategic plans to HELP SAVE MORE LIVES than ever before…
  • And HOW YOU CAN BE A PART OF ENDING ABORTION right in your town or city!


Here are the important details, once again…


EVENT:  TURNING POINT webcast event, sponsored by Sidewalk Advocates for Life

DATE:  Tuesday evening, February 26, 2019

TIME:  9 pm Eastern / 8 pm Central / 7 pm Mountain / 6 pm Pacific (be sure to note your correct time zone!)

HOW TO PARTICIPATE:  You can attend by WEB or by PHONE — it’s your choice!  Go to sidewalkadvocates.org/webcast to grab a spot before it’s gone!  (We’re already 50% full!)

(***NOTE: Even if you cannot listen at event time, we encourage you to register so a recording of the event is delivered to your inbox afterwards.)


To minimize noise throughout the event, we will be in presentation mode where all callers except for presenters will have their phone lines muted.

***PLEASE NOTE:  Due to further developing many more virtual, professional training materials, tools, and support elements for 160 life-saving locations, our funds have been significantly depleted.  There will be opportunities during the webcast to support the life-saving work of Sidewalk Advocates for Life if you feel called to do so — however, there is no obligation to give.

Here’s the link again where you can register for this URGENT, one-time event: sidewalkadvocates.org/webcast

Friend, we cannot wait to speak with you on Tuesday evening, February 26 — and share with you these vital updates and how you can make a profound difference in the battle for LIFE!  THANK YOU!

In Christ, for LIFE,

Lauren Muzyka
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life


Why are we peaceful, prayerful, law-abiding, and woman-oriented?

Dear Friend of Life:

I was sitting here this Sunday evening, reflecting on all the unbelievable victories we at Sidewalk Advocates for Life have witnessed through God’s grace in just over 4.5 years of peaceful outreach to women-in-crisis on the sidewalk.

It’s sometimes hard to believe that almost 6,000 women have taken us up on our offer of help in front of abortion facilities all over the U.S. and the world and chosen life for their precious children!

Women who told us they didn’t really want to do it, but felt like they, ironically, had no choice …until we offered real help and hope.

Women who immediately burst into tears when we told them they were loved and they and their preborn child mattered.

Women who  because we were so peaceful  felt safe letting us know that they were being abused by a partner or had been raped  …and took refuge in our offer to get them and their child into a safe place.

In short, it was all due to the power of love.

The reality is that we can’t “make” a woman choose life — no one can.  These women according to their feedback — freely chose our help because we were peaceful, prayerful, law-abiding, and woman-oriented on the sidewalk, underscored by love.

If we don’t espouse these values, we can’t win her trust and connect her with a reputable pregnancy center who will provide her with healthcare resources, give her the truth about her developing child, and share the fact that many women have come to regret their abortions.

Everyone who volunteers with our ministry, in fact, must sign our Pledge of Integrity (click here to see).

More specifically, here is why Sidewalk Advocates for Life has chosen these values…

1. Peaceful – When a woman arrives at the abortion center, emotions are running high.  We don’t want to add any of the confusion or chaos in her life.  We do not believe that yelling or being ugly wins anyone.  As Mother Teresa says, “Peace begins with a smile.”  We always approach an abortion-bound woman or man calmly, with a smile on our face, introduce ourselves, and let her know of real, reputable resources in her community.

2. Prayerful – We believe that “apart from Him, we can do nothing” (Jn 15:5) and “with God all things are possible” (Mt 19:26).  We are imperfect people reaching out to other imperfect people.  It is His love and His grace that changes hearts and minds on the sidewalk — it’s just our job to freely offer that love and grace to anyone who wants to accept it.

3. Law-Abiding – We have five attorneys on our team between our Board of Directors and our staff, and we require our Sidewalk Advocates to follow the laws of the local jurisdiction.  Being law-abiding is important to winning the trust of that woman, the workers, and our community.  We never do anything to violate the law so that we have a chance to stay outside an abortion center as long as possible or in the days and months to come.

But what about a buffer zone law?  Is it okay to violate that law if we feel it is unjust?  While there’s no doubt that these laws are a form of viewpoint discrimination, especially noting that laws already protect people from criminal behavior, we should still follow the law for all the aforementioned reasons.  With good strategy, you can work around buffer zones.  (What we mean by “working around a buffer zone” is that you can stand outside a buffer zone and call people over to speak with you outside the buffer zone, etc., for example.)

4. Women-Oriented – This really goes back to love: We start with her.  She’s the one making the decision.  We’re not “counseling” the baby — she’s the one we have to reach.  It doesn’t matter what I think is helpful to an abortion-minded woman, it matters what research, testimony, and experience says.  We lean heavily on the most well-developed body of research on understanding the heart of an abortion-minded woman, Right-Brain Research (click here to see a summary article).

For example, we were surprised when some women we had met at various events who had been raped and later went onto have an abortion told us that “the abortion felt like a second rape.”  Wishing they had made a different decision, they urged us to share that information with other women on the sidewalk.

As we continue this ministry, we continue to listen to women and their experiences and share those experiences with others.


In summary, here’s a concise video that explains more of the spirit behind these values: https://vimeo.com/317884340

And when all these values come together, it can lead to miraculous stories such as Lizanne’s: https://vimeo.com/85324470

If you are a peaceful pro-life advocate who celebrates these values and wants to help save lives in your local community, we’d love to be a blessing to you! See https://sidewalkadvocates.org/about/how-it-works/ for a summary of our training, tools, and support, and how to start one of our life-saving programs in your community.  (Our tools are so in-depth that we even have sheets to keep statistics of what is working well at your local abortion facility; however, our policy is that no Sidewalk Advocate may write down any information that could identify a client or worker.)

Almost 6,000 women have thanked us for being present at the abortion facility, peacefully reaching out to them; many of them have sent us pictures of their precious children or invited us to their baby shower or their child’s first birthday party.  We are honored to continue this life-saving journey, and we cannot wait to see what God will do next through YOU!  Going forward, let us know if we can be of service.


Lauren Muzyka, Esq.
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life


IT OPENS TOMORROW!!!!!!!! Don’t miss your opportunity…

Dear Friend of Life:


Are YOU…

…someone who wants to HELP SAVE MORE LIVES and END ABORTION through the power of love in your community?

…someone who has been regularly in engaged in sidewalk counseling in front of your local abortion facility for years, but curious how to more quickly and effectively offer help to mothers in a really short amount of time — or navigate around difficult abortion center escorts and other workers?

…someone who’s never done this before, but wondering if this is for you  or someone who simply wants to know how to help a friend facing an unexpected pregnancy?

EARLY BIRD TICKET SALES for the SECOND ANNUAL “Save Lives on the Sidewalk National Pro-Life Conference,” October 11-13, 2019, in the Dallas, TX area  with a special abortion worker outreach training by Former Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson  open TOMORROW!!


  • Top, effective, cutting-edge sidewalk outreach techniques known to help save lives from around the nation — and why they’re working
  • How you can witness a turnaround at the abortion facility in about 15 seconds
  • Special cases at the abortion facility — and how to confidently navigate them
  • A comprehensive abortion worker outreach training + effectively navigating difficult situations with workers, led, in person, by Former Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson
  • How to effectively recruit and sustain your local program
  • Unparalleled inspiration and fellowship with other pro-lifers from around the nation

– WHERE: Dallas/Ft. Worth Marriott Airport Hotel, 8440 Freeport Pkwy, Irving, TX

  • free shuttle to/from DFW Airport
  • free Wi-Fi
  • 2 restaurants on site (*even though all meals are covered with your registration fee, except Saturday night)
  • comfortable facilities + high traveler rating

***Discount Room Block: Limited, super discounted rooms under “Sidewalk Advocates for Life” room block at the Dallas/Ft. Worth Marriott Airport Hotel.  (See sidewalkadvocates.org/conference for booking details!)

– WHEN: Friday evening, October 11 (6:30 pm) – Sunday afternoon (2:00 pm), October 13, 2019

– WHY: Former abortion providers have told us that sidewalk advocacy was the activity that most devastated their business.  Planned Parenthood has said that when there is a peaceful outreach presence in front of their facilities, the cancellation rate can go as high as 75%!  No doubt, sidewalk advocacy  being present at the scene to give abortion-bound women and men real help and hope in order to help save lives  is an essential part to ending abortion through God’s grace.  This one-time event will help supply any pro-life individual with the tools they need to start or take their existing outreach to the next level!

– REGISTER: sidewalkadvocates.org/conference

  • $109 – Super Early Bird Special (February 15 – April 15)
  • $119 – Early Bird Special (April 16 – July 15)
  • $139 – Regular Conference Fee (July 16 – October 10)

The registration fee covers conference materials, ALL MEALS from Friday night through Sunday lunch (except Saturday night), and shuttle to/from DFW Airport!

Questions?  Please drop us a line back!

We look forward to seeing you there!

In Christ, for Life,

Lauren Muzyka
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life


Could late-term abortion spread across the U.S.? What do we do?

Dear Friend of Life:

I felt like you could hear the outcry from people of faith and conscience when New York legalized abortion until birth just two weeks ago.

Now …Rhode Island? …Vermont? …Virginia? …considering it?!

What is this madness?!

After talking to fellow leaders in the pro-life movement regarding where this is coming from, we think one thing is clear: They are furious at the progress we in the pro-life movement, together, have made.  They know Roe v. Wade‘s days are numbered.  And this is push back for all of our progress, for the day that Roe is overturned and sent back to the states.

Meanwhile, it alerted all of us to the fact that several states already had “abortion until birth” as the law in their jurisdiction!  Those states (besides New York and Vermont) include Oregon, Alaska, Colorado, D.C., New Jersey, New Hampshire, and New Mexico.  Unbelievable.

All in all, no one summarized it better than my friend, Former Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson…

We have watched, in horror, over the past two weeks as states like New York, Virginia, Rhode Island and Vermont are seeking to roll out the most depraved abortion policies we have ever seen. Aborting babies in the third trimester, allowing non-physicians to perform abortions, and even killing babies outside of the womb if they happen to survive an abortion.

To add insult to injury, the One World Tower in New York lights up pink as this insane law is passed … to what? … remind us of how many baby girls will be killed?

What can we do? We must fight with everything we have to defeat these dangerous bills …Please help us end this scourge.”

We at Sidewalk Advocates for Life are already planning an additional training in New York to help equip our Advocates in the Northeast to aptly reach out to later-term abortion clients.  (Please pray for us as we finish off details!)

What’s interesting is that not even a lot of abortionists want to do abortions super late into pregnancy — as confirmed by Abby — so some of these laws may end up, largely, being symbolic.  Still, it leaves room for the handful of doctors who do commit abortions late into pregnancy to open additional offices in these states that do not restrict abortion after the point of viability.  In short, it will be interesting to watch how the landscape changes and if anyone updates their law as New York did.

What we must remember is this: There’s resounding agreement in the movement that we’re slowly winning this battle  ironically, New York is evidence of that.  Sidewalk Advocates for Life continues to be at the darkest places in our communities, right where abortions are taking place, to offer help and hope.  While we need to prepare ourselves for the unique set of circumstances that a later-term client often presents to us, we will not only continue doing what we’re doing, but working hard to expand our life-saving locations so that there’s no uncovered abortion facility in America!

You can partner with us at just $25/month to ensure we have the resources needed to re-train our Sidewalk Advocates every time a state updates their abortion law.  To become a LIFE PARTNER and help this life-saving work grow, go to: sidewalkadvocates.org/donate

Thank you, dear friend, for your prayers and sacrificial support as we look to save lives and end abortion at any stage of pregnancy through the power of His love!

In Christ, for LIFE,

Lauren Muzyka
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life


I’m seeing Abby Johnson’s movie tonight…

Dear Friend of Life:

Tonight in Dallas, my husband and I will have a chance to preview the new blockbuster pro-life film that will hit theaters on March 29: Unplannedthe story of Former Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson and her journey to our side.

When I accepted the invitation, after a couple hours, it hit me: I’ll be seeing it on the 46th anniversary of Roe v. Wade!

Coincidence?  I’m not one to over-dramatize a connection, but I couldn’t help but feel this was no coincidence.  Just before the clock struck midnight and we entered 2019, I felt so strongly that this year was going to be a huge turning point in the pro-life battle and that THIS movie was going to be one of the biggest reasons why. 

I almost wonder if the Lord is telling me that this movie is going to impact hearts and minds so much that it will help lead us to the end of Roe.

Here’s a confession: I just got back with part of our National Team from the annual Washington D.C. March for Life — gosh, what an amazing trip for our ministry, full of divine appointments — and while there, I had an opportunity to preview the movie.  When my movie time popped up, our video guy and I were right in the middle of interviews, so it was hard to peel myself away.

No problem, I thought, there’s another showing later.

When the evening time rolled around, I didn’t tell anyone, but I hesitated.  Abby’s story was so much a part of my formation and is one of the biggest reasons why we do what we do in Sidewalk Advocates for Life, I was afraid I’d be too distracting in the small conference room: You know, the sobbing goon in the corner, ha!  A lot of people don’t know that I was a college student at Texas A&M University when Abby was rising through the ranks of Planned Parenthood, and I used to regularly pray and sidewalk counsel under the Brazos Valley Coalition for Life at her abortion facility.  In short, her story is so much a part of my own.

I told myself I’d wait until I was in a bigger theater and I could hide my box of Kleenex … and here’s the opportunity!

I remember what life was like before the first 40 Days for Life campaign showed up outside that Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Aggieland: The pro-life community had a lot of passion, but it was misfiring, so to speak.  There were weird costumes, angry signage, and a barrage of words across the fence …and it all felt so futile.  (When I tell people I know what it’s like to be ignored and feel like you are ineffective on the sidewalk, I mean it!)  In 2004, my friend David Bereit, (then) Director of the Brazos Valley Coalition for Life, gathered up his staff — which included my classmates, Shawn and Marilisa Carney — and led them through an hour of prayer at the Coalition office.

What came out of that time of prayer was 40 Days for Life: a 40-day campaign of prayer and fasting, peaceful vigil outside the abortion center, and community outreach.  David and Shawn encouraged all the odd strategies to stand down for just 40 days — and we were just going to try a peaceful prayer vigil.  The atmosphere changed.  Things got more peaceful, prayerful, and purposeful … and miraculously, more women were coming to the fence to talk.

And the abortion rate dropped in our college community by a whopping 28%!

I witnessed this transformation.  It was a profound part of my formation and why I believe in our peaceful approach in Sidewalk Advocates for Life so much.  After praying for so long for the key to winning more life-saving conversations, I was over the moon.

As you know, 40 Days for Life began to spread and has become an international movement, celebrating amazing victories for LIFE.

And after lots of prayer and loving persistence, Abby left Planned Parenthood and became one of the greatest pro-life leaders our movement has ever seen.

Years later, the main lesson hit me: The fence between us and Planned Parenthood was really made of pain … and prayer, peace, and love was the key to winning people across the lifeline.

On this anniversary of Roe, while it’s understandable to mark this day as one of great sadness, I’d like to redirect us a bit: After strategy discussions with other leaders around the March for Life, meeting more former workers and women healed from an abortion experience, and adding up our progress in just the past few years, I believe we’re at a real, profound turning point that will lead us to the end of Roe.  The momentum is on our side  we just need to capitalize on it!

Here’s 3 things YOU can do to continue the life-saving momentum…

1. Follow the movie, Unplanned, online and via social media and share, share, share their posts!  When the movie release approaches, go see it and get as many of your friends and loved ones to go see it!  We’ll also be in touch with opportunities to partner with us to help get the word out about this powerful film!  Website: unplannedfilm.com

2. Stay connected with us at Sidewalk Advocates for Life We have some big things coming out in the next year that we believe will help save more lives than ever before — we cannot wait to share more!  Follow us on social media (see all buttons at the top left of sidewalkadvocates.org).

Also, you can find your closest location and get trained as a Sidewalk Advocate here: sidewalkadvocates.org/locations

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The pro-life, pro-love message is more infectious than ever, and rest assured, God is moving.  In that spirit, I leave you with this moving picture of our friend, Dr. Pat Castle, Founder & CEO of LIFE Runners, who passed our official March for Life sign, “Make Unborn Babies Great Again” (which went viral during the March!) to the Governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem, and then, joyfully snapped this picture as if to say that LIFE is winning again in America.  (The devotional, below, was also composed by her!)

Friends, I cannot wait to see all that 2019 has in store for all of us who love the Lord and the gift of LIFE!  Stay tuned, right?

In Christ, for LIFE,

Lauren Muzyka
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life