DOUBLE Your Impact Against the Abortion Industry

The good news just keeps coming!

In the past few weeks, we found out about another FOUR abortion/abortion-referral facilities that have closed their doors following a Sidewalk Advocates for Life outreach presence (in TX, IN, IA, and NY).

Plus, TWO more abortion workers have left the business with the help of a Sidewalk Advocate (and were referred to And Then There Were None abortion worker ministry for ongoing healing).

We also just recorded a few hundred more turnaways/babies saved over the last few weeks — yes, a few HUNDRED

Sidewalk Advocates for Life is preparing a huge celebration because these recent reports bring us to nearly 10,000 confirmed victories in just six years on the sidewalk! Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, our Advocates have continued to be the hands and feet of Christ for mothers in crisis.
This is the power of our God: With Him ALL THINGS are possible.

And that’s why we’re dreaming big over here at Sidewalk Advocates for Life.

In six years, we’ve grown to 193 life-saving locations around the globe — that’s about 28% of U.S. abortion facilities — but we don’t want to stop here.

There are more facilities that are uncovered daily.

More mothers who need our help.

Will you JOIN US in growing our ministry to set up our life-saving program in more communities in order to help save more lives and close more abortion centers?

Here’s the AMAZING NEWS: For the next 14 days, you have a rare opportunity to make a financial gift and see your donation INSTANTLY DOUBLED due to a generous group of donors who have come together to issue a $70,000 MATCHING FUND CHALLENGE!  That means $25 becomes $50… $100 becomes $200 …$500 becomes $1,000 …$5,000 becomes $10,000 …what a gift to move this work forward!


Friends, we DON’T want to leave any of this generosity sitting on the table.  With lives and souls at stake, we cannot afford to.  If we KNOW this program is working, we have a moral obligation to fulfill the mission God has put in front of us: Cover all uncovered abortion facilities as soon as possible …because we know how much it devastates the abortion industry, saves lives, and impacts eternal souls.

Will you join us in this great mission with a gift today — and see it instantly doubled?  If so, we’s be incredibly grateful for your sacrifice!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your consideration!  I appreciate you!

And DON’T FORGET: There are just a few days left to get a special discount for the Third Annual Save Lives on the Sidewalk National Pro-Life Conference!

Early Bird Registration ENDS July 15! 

Whether you join us in person or decide to take advantage of our VIRTUAL conference optionyou’ll be able to hear the latest, cutting-edge tips and strategies for saving lives and ending abortion from around the nation.


Thank you again for all of the ways that you are supporting Sidewalk Advocates for Life.  It is a true blessing from God to partner in this ministry with all of you!

In Christ, for Life,

Lauren Muzyka
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life