I accidentally gave the abortionist a Blessing Bag…

Dear Friend of Life:

While very recently visiting one of our locations in the Southeast, I accidentally gave the abortionist a Blessing Bag.  

Of course, looking back, I don’t think it was so much an “accident” as a divine seed the Lord wanted me to plant.  Truly, the entire visit, I was reminded again how the Lord works in mysterious and wonderful ways when we answer His call, show up, and put our faith into action.

Here’s what happened…

Early Friday morning, I arrived to meet our local leader at the designated location. It was an empty building on a large lot which was across the street from the abortion facility. The owner had given us permission to park there. It was perfect and had ample space for the Stork Bus mobile ultrasound unit that would be arriving soon to receive any woman we sent their way for a life-saving sonogram!

As I began to unload my supplies, I caught the distinct smell of propane gas. This was especially odd given the open-air environment. Then, I heard a hissing sound. The lot was beside a church badly in need of repair. At the far end of the lot sat a 500-gallon propane tank that was spewing propane into the air.

I immediately alerted our local leader and called 911. The Stork Bus arrived, and we directed them safely down the street to a gas station, lest we lose a very expensive and vital tool to a fiery explosion! The 911 operator instructed us to leave our cars and evacuate the area until the Fire Department arrived. We quickly shifted our focus and started reaching out to the women beginning to arrive for their abortion appointments.

Our local leader and I each positioned ourselves at one of the two entrances for the facility. A short time later, I saw a worker exit and approach our leader who was waving me over.

As I walked over, I overheard the worker saying not to cross a certain spot on the pavement, that we could stand by the road all day long and get ourselves killed if we wanted to but not to cross the property line. With a big smile, I assured her we had no intention of trespassing and we would remain peaceful and law-abiding. Then, I said we would also be there to pray for or with her and that if she ever decided that she wanted to leave the industry …at which point she cut me off abruptly.

The worker then stated she would NEVER quit because her mother had died 55 years earlier on a table, giving birth to a baby she had no business having, and she was making sure women had that choice.

I immediately saw the pain she carried from this loss and how it had been a driving force for her.

I remember telling her how sorry I was for what had happened and how much God loved her and that she deserved so much more. I asked her if I could give her a gift …and she happily accepted a worker Blessing Bag. 

I think I detected a little twinkle of happiness in her eyes. We said we would be praying for each other, and she returned inside.

Once alone, our leader informed me that I had not just been speaking to a clinic worker…but to the abortionist herself!   I had no idea! 

Our leader expressed her gratitude at being able to watch that interaction. She told me that what impressed her most was the genuine love she saw me give the worker. What a blessing that I got to have that exchange — the abortionist at that! — and give her a goody bag made with love, prayers, and information to And Then There Were None!

Now, we know even better how to pray for this individual after she shared some of her personal story with us. Wow, God! 

By this time the Fire Department was finished and needed to speak with me since I had phoned in the emergency. The fireman said it was lucky I had discovered the leak: Apparently, someone had cut and stolen the copper pipe to sell for a little cash — and they could have killed themselves or others. I am so thankful it was resolved, and nobody was injured.

The Stork Bus was able to return, and we continued to speak with women and provide life-saving information!

Many divine appointments await us when we give our YES to His call. Just a little of our time and effort can produce miracles beyond our earthly understanding. We never know how God will use us when we are called to bring light to the darkness.

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Please join us in this great mission to save lives and end abortion through the power of His love!

In Christ,

Susan O’Neill
National Program Coordinator
Sidewalk Advocates for Life