Make Unborn Babies Great Again! Our BRAND NEW online store is OPEN!

Dear Friend of Life:

It is with great excitement that we announce the opening of our BRAND NEW ONLINE STORE, featuring Sidewalk Advocate for Life and Make Unborn Babies Great Again (#MUBGA) pro-life apparel, signage, and more! 

We couldn’t be more excited!

But first, we wanted to share with you how the creative slogan, Make Unborn Babies Great Again, came to be…


It all started at the March for Life 2017 in Washington D.C….

We at Sidewalk Advocates for Life were joking around, and suddenly, the slogan, “Make Unborn Babies Great Again!” hit us!  While our ministry is strictly non-partisan, of course, we knew it was a keen play off of a presidential campaign slogan that would generate a lot of attention for the pro-life cause.

Sure enough, even just writing the slogan on the back of other signs, people from all over the place were coming up to us at the March, asking to take their picture with the signs.

We knew we were onto something!

Lauren and Bethany at the March for Life 2017

Fast forward to 2018…

We knew it was time to test the slogan further by putting it on a professional sign forMarch for Life 2018!

In short, it went viral!  We only made 150 of them, and yet, the signs showed up in The Washington PostBreitbartThe Daily Signal, and more! We started to get a flood of inquiries regarding how to purchase the sign or related apparel!

After the March for Life, we knew it was time to make this line of apparel as a way to further spread the message of life, knowing it would also be a way to spread news of sidewalk advocacy and what the Lord is doing to save lives on sidewalks outside of abortion centers, peacefully and prayerfully.

Above: Members of the SAFL National Team at March for Life 2018

Above: Front cover picture, Breitbart NewsMarch for Life 2018

As of this morning, you can now GET THE GEAR and JOIN THE MOVEMENT to “Make Unborn Babies Great Again!”  along with our best-selling Sidewalk Advocates for Life logo apparel  and support our life-saving ministry!


You’ll be able to purchase…

  • The exclusive #MUBGA tee
  • The exclusive #MUBGA hats — red and navy
  • The exclusive #MUGBA yard signs (which also double as marching / rally signs)
  • Sidewalk Advocates for Life logo tees — light blue, royal blue, navy, and irish green
  • Sidewalk Advocates for Life logo crewneck sweatshirts — royal blue and irish green
  • Sidewalk Advocates for Life logo hoodies — royal blue
  • Sidewalk Advocates for Life logo caps — khaki and navy
  • Our best-selling item at March for Life 2018: the Love Saves Lives tee!

Be among the first to sport the gear!  Be a witness and easily start a pro-life conversation with family, friends …and even strangers!  

***NOTE: We do expect the #MUBGA gear to SELL OUT in the early days of our store opening!  Order yours today — before it’s on backorder — at!

Also, we invite you to email us at with a picture of yourself holding a #MUBGA sign or in a #MUBGA t-shirt or hat, and you might see it posted in social media!

Thanks for having some fun with us — but most importantly, we hope it brings greater attention to the cause or encourages someone to get involved in the greatest human rights movement in the history of the world!

In Christ, for Life,

Bethany Mistretta
National Program Manager
Sidewalk Advocates for Life