NEW VIDEO: Abortion workers, post-abortive mothers, and attorneys talk to the movement

Dear Friends:

We wanted to share with you a BRAND NEW video that we just posted via social media:

Here is the caption with the video, just to share a bit more of our heart…

“One of our greatest joys has been learning from former abortion workers who are now on our side of the fence: What won them over. What often swayed the hundreds or thousands of women they counseled to or away from an abortion decision.Simultaneously, we’ve benefited the counsel of pro-life attorneys who are experts in First Amendment rights or risk management as they’ve helped us guard and protect the sacred ministry on the sidewalk that has been entrusted to us and so many others.

After all, the enemy is smart and strategic; in turn, with prayer, we must use the best resources available to help save as many lives and eternal souls as possible.

In that spirit, out of great love and concern for pro-life ministry nationwide, we wanted to caution the pro-life community that a group is trying to recruit folks to break the law and enter abortion facilities. While the group might be well-meaning, modern-day, this approach is harmful to sidewalk ministry for many reasons; here are some of the greatest concerns:

(1) Such acts could lead to buffer zones throughout a city or state, wiping out peaceful prayer and sidewalk outreach right in front of abortion facilities, activities that are witnessing thousands upon thousands of lives saved each year. In our ministry alone, we count 14 sites now at risk for a buffer zone, even though they were not involved with these incidents;

(2) Pro-life individuals who don’t know any better risk going to federal prison after one offense or putting their life-saving organization or ministry at risk for being sued out of existence; and

(3) Research and testimony show it can greatly scare the abortion-minded women and workers we are trying to reach, leading to a deleterious effect on lives saved. Also, within a few minutes of a law-breaking event, the vast majority of abortion facilities are trained to go on lockdown and quickly pull women and companions to a back room, cutting off access and further opportunities for her to change her mind and receive our help — especially as the individual is then taken to jail.

To help explain what’s at stake in the battle for life, we interviewed three attorneys as well as four former abortion workers, three of whom have experienced abortion personally.

We invite you to take 20 minutes to watch this video so we can all work together to protect peaceful prayer vigils and sidewalk outreach. Thank you!”

Thanks so much for checking it out, and know we appreciate you!

In Christ,

Bethany Mistretta
National Program Manager
Sidewalk Advocates for Life