PHOTO: 8 MORE abortion workers have LEFT!!!!

Dear Friend of Life:

Many of you know that in college, I used to pray and sidewalk counsel outside Former Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson’s abortion facility — and it was one of the greatest joys of my life to watch her leave the abortion industry forever and commit her life to Christ!

Knowing how powerful it can be, when we at Sidewalk Advocates for Life are not reaching out to abortion-minded mothers and fathers, we are privileged to reach out to abortion workers and offer them new life in Christ plus a connection to And Then There Were None (ATTWN) abortion worker ministry. 

In fact, Abby — now the CEO of ATTWN — just shared with us that over 60% of all abortion workers coming to them for help received information from a Sidewalk Advocate!! 

Glory to God!!

This year alone, we have personally confirmed EIGHT MORE eternal souls who left the abortion business with the help and witness of a Sidewalk Advocatebut Abby and her team let us know there are many, many more that our ministry has helped to lead out of the business!  (Due to confidentiality, we aren’t able to garner specific information about the additional ones — which we are happy to honor, of course.)

Here is one stunning story of how prayerful, peaceful outreach to an abortion worker led to devastating Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry…
One of our leaders in Arizona, Patti, had been praying and reaching out to an abortion worker, Mayra, at Planned Parenthood for years.
Finally, Mayra, moved by prayer and love, chose not only to leave the abortion industry and commit her life to Christ, but — with help and support from ATTWN — chose to shine a light into the darkness and expose Planned Parenthood’s scandalous and illegal behavior at her abortion facility!

Click HERE to read the article of how Mayra became a Planned Parenthood whistleblower and was awarded $3 million by a jury!

As long as we are on the sidewalk, we’re going to keep reaching out to abortion workers, letting them know they, too, are called to abundant life in Christ.

Our Sidewalk Advocates for Life-Katy, TX team in action!  (Photo credit: ATTWN)

When you support our ministry, you’re not just saving lives from abortion, you are impacting eternal souls.  When we go to the sidewalk, we ensure we are loaded up with signage and literature that points workers to help and hope.

Friend, right now in our year-end campaign to keep our life-saving, soul-saving work going and growing, we are still $26,321 short of goal with just days to go until DEADLINE, putting us at risk of losing our bonus matching fund, gifted to us by a generous group of ministry partners.

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Thank you again, dear friend, for being a vital partner in this great mission to save lives and end abortion through the power of His love!

Blessings in Christ,

Lauren Muzyka
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life