PICTURE: A father at the abortion facility who chose life

Dear Friend of Life:

When we help save a life from abortion, we don’t just save a child, we often save an entire family.

Because abortion affects more than just the mother, it’s not uncommon to see the father of the child with her at the abortion center.

I’ll never forget that early December day  just a couple years ago  on the sidewalk in Tampa, FL.  Three of us from the Sidewalk Advocates for Life National Team decided to go reach out at the local abortion facility for a few hours before a training for our Florida leaders.

Glory to God, we had already walked one woman who chose life next door to the pregnancy center, and the very next group to arrive was a family: A young mom, boyfriend, and her sister.

I reached out to them, letting them know we cared about them and had real help and hope for them that day.  I handed them something called a “Blessing Bag” that detailed all the help available alongside some small gifts — no doubt, showing them we could back up our offer of help.

As I was sharing my heart, at one point, the father of the baby looked at mom and said, “I think you should listen to them.” 

He didn’t want to lose his child.

She told me she wanted to go inside and just hear what “they,” the abortion facility, had to say.  Knowing that a lot of women “need” to go inside and experience the darkness of the abortion facility and contrast that with the hope and light we offer on the sidewalk, I knew this absolutely wasn’t a closed door.  I simply kept reminding her that they were likely going to pressure her, abortion hurts, and there is a way for her to have the life she wants and still have her precious child.

The father later told us that when they were inside, the darkness of the abortion facility hit them hard, especially the coldness of the abortion workers — who kept asking for payment  that permeated the conversation.  They both went and stood in the bathroom and began sobbing.  They kept thinking of our offer of help and hope on the sidewalk, and dad’s encouragement played a huge role in moving them to leave.

I remember the door to the abortion facility suddenly swinging open — just before we ended our prayer for them and said AMEN, in fact!  I looked at them with a big smile on my face and said, “So, are you ready to take us up on that offer of help?”

“Yes, yes, we are.”

My heart soared!  As we walked them next door to the pregnancy center, we got to know them a bit better and let them know that they could contact us any time.

Imagine my delight a few weeks later when I got a text message from Mom: “Lauren, I can’t thank you enough for being there for us that day.  I just found out I’m having a boy.  I’m ready to do whatever I need to for my son!”

From there, a beautiful friendship blossomed.

We ended up throwing them a baby shower, and we were sent a wedding announcement several months later.  Dad ended up saying yes to serving our country in the army, and he and Mom (and her two little girls from a previous relationship) were transferred overseas, blessed and supported by his service to our great country.

One day, Nate on our national team  who became quite close with Dad  sent me the following photo…

In this photo, I saw a father  who had listened to the Holy Spirit and dedicated himself to doing the right thing  holding his son, Cameron, in victory.

What an honor to play a small role in what God did to save a family from abortion.

I still remember one dinner we shared with them where Dad, holding his son in his arms, looked squarely at me and said, “$350.  They wanted $350 for my son’s life!  Can you believe that?!?”

I realized the profound statement he had just made. He and Mom thanked us again for being there that day.

Friend, this is what it’s all about.

Because of your support of our ministry, we were able to be there that day for a family in crisis.Even more so, because of all you’ve made possible, we now have close to 200 sites with trained Sidewalk Advocates who are there for mothers and fathers who, ironically, may feel like they have no choice but to take the life of their child.  Through their peaceful, prayerful outreach, they have been able to save nearly 8,000 children and families from abortion — praise God!

Right now, we are in our year-end campaign to raise the funds needed to add another 150 locations this next year for the sake of lives and souls, and currently, we are short of goal about $30,000.

Will you help us close the gap so we can help save more lives and families in 2020?Again, I cannot thank you enough for your partnership in this great mission to save mothers, fathers, and families from the tragedy of abortion!Thank you so much for your support!

Blessings in Christ,

Lauren Muzyka, Esq.
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life