PICTURE OF A BABY SAVED FROM ABORTION! Some Friday Morning Inspiration…

Dear Friend of Life:

In thanksgiving for all the support you’ve given us over the past few years, I wanted you to see a child YOU helped save from abortion!

Because of all you make possible through your sacrificial support, a few of us on the Sidewalk Advocates for Life National Team are able to work full-time, helping save lives from abortion.  With how much our ministry has grown, people are now regularly contacting us for advice regarding how to talk to a friend facing an unexpected pregnancy or connecting us directly with someone they know who has already set an abortion appointment.  It’s not uncommon for each of our national team members in our Programs’ department to be corresponding with a couple mothers-in-crisis at a time!  (By God’s grace, the majority of the time, these mothers choose LIFE!)

Several months ago, I was contacted by two wonderful women at Students for Life of America National, and they wanted help encouraging a young woman who had just set an appointment for a second-trimester abortion that Saturday.  Long story short, I personally got connected to this sweet mother and proceeded to let her know that we loved her, cared for her, and would be there every step of the way — that abortion hurts and we wanted to save her from that pain, and there was peace, freedom, and support on the other side of her YES to choosing life.

She already knew her baby was a little boy.

She was very receptive to my offer of help, but still very conflicted.  She ended up going to her abortion appointment while we stormed Heaven (and invited YOU to pray for her as well); at the last minute, she was unable to have the abortion due to extenuating circumstances …but even when she had the opportunity to choose abortion again, she declined and texted me back!

I still remember when she thanked me for the support — that it made all the difference in her changing her mind — and she said that our prayers “worked” and she was keeping her baby!

After almost 20 years of doing this, I can tell you that those words never get old.

I kept in touch with her over the next few months, continuing to encourage her.  Finally, I checked in again about a week ago, and she shared with me that her child had been recently born early, but the ultrasound was wrong…


What a surprise!  She proceeded to share with me how incredibly grateful she was for all our support and how much she loved her daughter!  (See a picture of Baby Avery, below!)

I rushed to the store to get her some lovely “pink” necessities, and ended up sending her this message of encouragement…

But make no mistake, YOU helped make this miracle possible. In fact, you’ve helped save nearly 8,000 additional lives in our 5.5 year history! YOU make it possible for us to build teams of peaceful, loving, well-trained Sidewalk Advocates at abortion facilities all over the nation and beyond so no one enters those facilities without knowing someone cares and has REAL help and hope.

YOU make it possible to get connected with women-in-crisis — whose abortion appointments loom — all over the nation.

Truly, we at Sidewalk Advocates for Life wouldn’t be able to do what we do without YOU.

Going forward, can I ask for your help?  We currently cover 28% of U.S. abortion facilities, but there are more facilities that don’t have anyone there. 

Because there’s no one to speak peace and truth into their situation, many mothers will choose to take the lives of their precious preborn children.

Will you help us build this ministry so we can reach more abortion-minded moms and save more children like Avery? 

You can make a difference TODAY by making a sacrificial, tax-deductible gift of $25, $100, $500, $2,500 or more in our year-end campaign HERE: sidewalkadvocates.org/donate

YOUR SUPPORT means the world to me — and often the difference of life and death for someone else.

Thank you for your partnership, dear friends, in this great mission to save lives and end abortion through the power of His love!

In Christ, for Life,

Lauren Muzyka
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life