Something BIG Is Happening In The Pro-Life Movement…

Dear Friend of Life:

Something BIG is happening right now.

Since the release of the pro-life, blockbuster hit movie, Unplanned — the story of Former Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson — on March 29, Abby says she is waking up every morning to numerous emails from people who walked into the theater pro-choice and out pro-life.

Abby’s abortion worker ministry, And Then There Were None, is now helping at least another dozen workers who want to leave after seeing the movie!

40 Days for Life, during this last Spring campaign (which ended yesterday), reported dozens upon dozens of new volunteers who came out to pray for the first time after watching it.

And we in Sidewalk Advocates for Life are processing over 50 applications from folks who are interested in starting a life-saving location with our program, citing the movie as a huge motivator — which could be a sudden 30% increase in sites!

This movie is surely the “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” of abortion …and I cannot wait to see what else God will do!

The biggest thing Abby has shared with me?  All of this is happening because of YOU.

Because YOU bought tickets to see the movie, it has stayed in theaters this long.

Because YOU have said yes to life-saving activities like Sidewalk Advocates for Life, folks have had a place to go once they were convicted to do more.

And because YOU have supported our ministry and Abby’s, we have been able to help more women and workers than ever before!

One thing is clear: Without YOU, this new “springtime” in the pro-life movement  the greatest work on earth to help and save lives and souls  doesn’t happen.  (Yes, it’s by His grace all these things are happening, but our YES is precious to Him as He seeks to work through us!)

So, keep seeing the movie  and bring people with you.

And keep encouraging folks to get involved and support this life-saving work!

If you want to meet Abby Johnson and learn more from her regarding sidewalk advocacy and how to personally help more workers leave the business, join us for this upcoming event …and hurry, because a special ticket deal might pass you by!

Super Early Bird tickets for the Save Lives on the Sidewalk National Conference with Former Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson this October in Dallas, TX will expire TONIGHT, April 15 at 11:59 pm CST

Other speakers include…

  • David Bereit, Founder, 40 Days for Life
  • Steve Karlen, Campaign Director, 40 Days for Life
  • Joanna Hyatt, Strategic Partnerships, Live Action
  • Dr. Pat Castle, Founder / President, LIFE Runners
  • Josh Brahm, President, Equal Rights Institute
  • Paula Peyton, Save the One (whose son, Caleb, was conceived in gang rape)
…and myself, among others!

See for details; click REGISTER to snag a discountedSuper Early Bird ticket before it expires!

We look forward to seeing you in Dallas this Fall!

Indeed, we are seeing the miraculous unfold right before our eyes; let’s keep moving forward and giving Him our YES every step of the way!

Blessings in Christ,

Lauren Muzyka
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life