THIS pro-life event will change your life…

Dear Friend of Life:

Maybe you opened this email and thought…

Really, Lauren?  The subject line of this email is a pretty bold statement to make!

But I’m absolutely serious.

I’m talking about the 2019 Save Lives on the Sidewalk National Pro-Life Conference in Dallas this October, hosted by us at Sidewalk Advocates for Life in partnership with 15 other amazing pro-life organizations that are changing the landscape for LIFE, peacefully and prayerfully…

…and discount Early Bird tickets expire TONIGHT at 11:59 pm CST!

But again, why would I say that this one event will change YOUR life?

In short, participants TOLD us that last year!

Lauren, this was like nothing I ever expected!  I had no idea this event was going to be like this!  It was a game-changer!

I’m leaving refreshed and ready to get back out to the sidewalk — THANK YOU for this event!

Lauren, you all HAVE to do this again next year.  I learned more than I thought possible!  I’m so excited!

And truly, it doesn’t matter whether you are someone who regularly goes to the sidewalk to reach out to abortion-minded women and men in hopes of helping save lives and end abortion in your community (though there’s no doubt that you’re going to learn more cutting-edge tips and strategies to bless your outreach than ever before) — because we live in a day and age where so many have experienced an unexpected pregnancy or abortion, we all must be at the ready to help the people around us with life-affirming resources to help save lives and bring healing to those who are hurting!

In fact, just the other day, I was at the local drugstore and saw a woman grab Plan B emergency contraception — which can cause an early abortion — and thankfully, I had crisis pregnancy information with me.  I talked to her on the way out the door about the concerns over Plan B and connected her with to chat with a counselor online.  Believe it or not, she was so grateful!

So, here are my questions for you…

If a friend walked up to you and told you she was pregnant and considering abortion, would you know how to support her and offer her life-affirming resources in your community?  What if the woman is a minor — do you know how to connect her with legal support?

Being that it’s so pervasive today, do you know the signs of sex trafficking and how to help someone find a way out?

If you’re on the sidewalk in front of an abortion facility, do you know what you can and cannot do within the confines of your First Amendment rights?

When someone challenges you on why a woman shouldn’t have an abortion in the case of rape, do you know how to compassionately explain the harm abortion causes in this case?

Do you know how to help your neighbor who has had an abortion heal?

Are you interested in hearing from folks who do full-time pro-life work and how to make that leap?

Do you know about Right-Brain Research and how it guides all prolifers on the best type of messaging to help abortion-minded women?

Do you know how to form a strong relationship with your local pregnancy resource center?  What do you do when you want to send them someone and they’re not open?

And don’t forget about the dynamic fellowship with pro-life leaders and advocates across the country!  We’ll address all this and so much more!

Won’t you join us?  We’d love to meet you and bless the mission God has given YOU in the greatest human rights battle in history!


Look forward to seeing you in about 8 weeks!

In Christ, for Life,

Lauren Muzyka
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life