VIDEO: This couple saves HUNDREDS of babies every year from abortion…

Dear Friend of Life,
Sometimes we are genuinely overwhelmed by all of the beautiful work being done on the sidewalk to save lives and end abortion. So, to share some of these amazing stories with all of you, we are launching a new video series!

Sidewalk Advocates for Life’s “Ordinary Heroes” series showcases inspirational stories that demonstrate how just one person’s efforts can transform communities and save lives.

This first video is about our friends, Eddie and Susan Perez.

In 2013, Eddie and Susan Perez set out to transform their already-successful pregnancy resource center into a life-affirming competitor to San Antonio’s abortion industry — and the fruit has been astonishing. They went from seeing 200 women per year to serving 2,500 women annually!

They applied their professional backgrounds to their ministry, improved their facilities, brought in sidewalk support, and set their goals high, believing that with God, all things were possible. By January 2019, their work had made such an impact that they were able to put one of their local abortion facilities out of business for good.

Sidewalk Advocates for Life is proud to highlight “ordinary heroes” like Susan and Eddie! Click, below, to watch NOW!

And if Eddie and Susan look familiar, you may recognize them from the video story of the South San Antonio abortion facility closing…

Knowing that sidewalk support has been a key component in Eddie and Susan’s journey to save lives and end abortion in their community, if all of this moves you to bring Sidewalk Advocates for Life to YOUR community, you’re in luck: We’ve extended the application deadline to June 30!


And if you want to hear more from Eddie and Susan, join us for the Third Annual Save Lives on the Sidewalk National Pro-Life Conference to hear their presentations!  Our Super Early Bird Registration discount is now available through July 15! 

Don’t forget: We’ve now added a VIRTUAL conference option! Whether you choose to network and fellowship with us in person or take it all in online, you’ll be able to hear the latest, cutting-edge tips and strategies for saving lives and ending abortion from around the nation.


We are so grateful to be able to share these opportunities for LIFE with you, and we hope it serves to support and encourage you in everything you do!

In Christ, for Life,

Lauren Muzyka
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life