Abortion Facility: CLOSED!!

Dear Friend of Life,

“Give Praise to the LORD, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what He has done.” — Psalm 105:1.

Every day, Sidewalk Advocates around the globe sacrifice their time, energy and heart to be a sign of love and hope to those entering abortion facilities, as well as for those working in the abortion industry. Some may be tempted to feel discouraged at times because they may not see any visible sign — at least, right away — that their efforts are paying off.

Today, I want to encourage you to not give up. Your sacrifice does not go unnoticed by our Heavenly Father.  We pray that, one day, you will show up to the abortion facility to see what our advocates in Winter Haven, Florida, saw one evening…

In our short 22 month history, this is the FIRST abortion facility — covered bySidewalk Advocates for Life — to completely close their doors for good! Praise the Lord, for great things HE has done!

Here is an excerpt from the beautiful message we received from Winter Haven, FL, Program Director, Amy: “It’s official! The Winter Haven Planned Parenthood is closed for good! I’m literally jumping up and down for joy. The take away here is God can even work through limited (sidewalk counseling) access.  Just our prayers and presence are enough to make a difference. Whooohooo!”

Would you like to see a sign like this on your local abortion facility’s door? Here are a few ways to allow the Lord to use you…

  • PRAY AND ASK GOD WHAT TO DO: Never underestimate the power of prayer — God hears every prayer!  Then, have a time of silence to listen for an answer.
  • BECOME A SIDEWALK ADVOCATE: To find the location nearest you, visitsidewalkadvocates.org/locations.  Attend the next training and learn how to become a Sidewalk Advocate to reach out to women in love on the sidewalk — or to become a prayer partner on the sidewalk for others.
  • START A PROGRAM IN YOUR COMMUNITY: If there is not a Sidewalk Advocates for Life program currently in your community, prayerfully discern if you — or someone you know– may be called to bring this life-saving program to your city or town.  Applications are open NOW through February 29You can apply here when ready:sidewalkadvocates.org/apply.  Questions before applying?  Email us atinfo@sidewalkadvocates.org!
  • DONATE TO THIS LIFE-SAVING WORK — AND ENSURE IT CONTINUES:Some of you cannot get out to the sidewalk right now due to your particular vocation or station in life, and we understand that.  Perhaps your call is to be a supporter who partners with us in this great work to ensure it continues well into the future.  You can make a life-saving financial gift of support (one-time or monthly) at sidewalkadvocates.org/donate.

The 1,075 lives — that we know of — have been saved by the grace of God, working through faithful people reaching out to women-in-crisis with love and compassion.  Twenty-five abortion clinic workers have forever left their jobs.  All this — and more — in the 22 months that Sidewalk Advocates for Life has been on the sidewalk, due to our YES to Him!  We look forward to all that lies ahead!

Thank you for supporting this ministry with your prayers, time, talent and treasure. We are so blessed and honored to have your support, knowing we cannot do it without your partnership!

Blessings in Christ,

Lauren Muzyka
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life


BI-WEEKLY DEVOTIONAL (February 2 – February 15, 2016): “Perseverance for a High Calling”

by Cera Pesole, Midwestern Program Coordinator, Sidewalk Advocates for Life

Verse(s): “And we know that all things work together for good to those who are called according to His purpose.” — Romans 8:28

“Let us not grow weary when doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” — Galatians 6:9

Reflection: How many of you were affected by the #snowmageddon2016 at this year’s National March for Life? I know some of you were stranded in D.C. for several days — and others couldn’t make it. As I watched thousands of pro-lifers stay and march in our nation’s capitol amidst a city-wide shut down, I couldn’t help but admire the perseverance and determination of every person seeking to make a difference for LIFE.

As the snow continues to fall across the country and it becomes harder to make a trip to the abortion facility, I want to share a story with you. On one of the days many pro-lifers were stranded in D.C., those of us in the same hotel gathered for some encouragement and a time of sharing. I had the privilege of hearing the story of a woman who had an abortion when she was 15. She shared how traumatic it was and how it took her a very long time to recover. In her story, she emphasized, “There was no one outside, so I didn’t know…” She didn’t know what she was getting herself into. While on the operating table, she screamed and cried and pled with the nurses to let her go, but no one heard. With tears in her eyes she told us that no one was there to help.

Her story reminded me of the importance of our mission and our calling. We are the last sign of hope before a woman enters the facility — and the first sign of grace when she leaves. By simply being there, we make a difference. We may never know what difference we make, but God promises us that all things work together for His good.

So dear friends, fellow advocates, abortion abolitionists, let us “not grow weary while doing good,” for we WILL see results, and the Lord will use our work for His glory.

Faith Challenge: Go! Continue! Persevere! Do not lose hope, but rather, be strengthened.

Find a scripture verse (or two) and a story that motivates you. Write them on an index card, and when you are feeling weary or discouraged, bring it out and remind yourself that God works things for His good. He is the author, and we are His instruments. We are doing a good work that He will bless in time. Don’t grow weary!