VIDEO: THE SHIFT that is saving more lives from abortion than ever before…

Dear Friend of Life:

We are back from the National March for Life …and we are energized and inspired!

We saw many of you there marching, and those in-person meetings with Sidewalk Advocates are always the BEST moments of the trip. It is a special blessing to hear about all that God is doing through YOU in your communities to SAVE LIVES and END ABORTION.

To all of you who joined us in prayer  THANK YOU! We had a blessed and fruitful trip thanks to your support.

Of all of the March for Life events, a highlight for me is always the Law of Life Summit. This year, I had an opportunity to share the mission of Sidewalk Advocates for Life with a room full of the most effective and dynamic pro-life leaders in the country.

I told them about a SHIFT in sidewalk advocacy we’ve recently made that has led to more lives saved than we’ve ever seen before. 

If you’d like to hear my 3-minute speech about how Sidewalk Advocates for Life is creating a SHIFT on the sidewalk, here is my talk…

Thankful for our fearless leader, Lauren Muzyka, who just finished giving an amazing speech at The Law of Life Summit in D.C. today. This summit featured presentations by the most influential pro-woman and pro-baby advocates in the nation and brought together many of the nations most prominent advocates for the sanctity of human life.#sidewalkadvocacy #lovethemboth #lovesaveslives #prolife #prolove March for Life #marchforlife #marchforlife2020

Posted by Sidewalk Advocates for Life on Thursday, January 23, 2020


It is an honor to share with the world what you are doing in your communities! We are bringing peaceful, prayerful sidewalk advocacy to more places than ever before, and we are ready to keep growing!

If you do not have a Sidewalk Advocates for Life location yet, or if you have friends who would be blessed by our comprehensive sidewalk advocacy training, tools, and support, applications are open now through the end of the month!

Questions? Click here to learn more about our life-saving program, or drop us a line at!

In His Love, for Life,

Lauren Muzyka, Esq.
Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life